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  • European Union Considers Tax on Vapers

    European Union Considers Tax on Vapers

    The European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union (EU), is holding a public consultation on the taxation of tobacco and vaping products. After postponing a decision on an EU-wide vape tax earlier this year, the Commission could introduce excise duties or ‘sin taxes’ on vaping products in all 28 EU member states in 2019. Consumer associations and tobacco harm reduction organisations in 16 EU countries are encouraging European vapers to respond to the consultation questionnaire and sign a petition opposing the tax. In a similar consultation in 2016, 90% of respondents rejected the idea of taxing vapor products...
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  • EU Countries Ranked by Vaper Friendliness

    EU Countries Ranked by Vaper Friendliness

    A new report, which ranks EU countries by their vaper-friendliness, warns that some EU countries are restricting access to vape products and jeodpordizing citizens’ health. Published by the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Nanny State index tracks 'overbearing lifestyle regulations' on product categories including alcohol, food/soft drinks, tobacco and e-cigarettes. Their latest report centres on vaping and ranks European countries based on their approach to harm-reducing nicotine products. ‘Nanny state’ interventions Christopher Snowdon, the author of the report, lays out the case against e-cigarette regulation right at the start of the report. “Nanny state interventions… are invariably promoted on grounds...
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