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ECigIntelligence - The e-cig world is changing – we’re just not sure when

ECigIntelligence - The e-cig world is changing – we’re just not sure when

ECigIntelligence - A handful of calendar dates have dominated recent regulatory developments in the world’s biggest e-cigarette markets, as well as our headlines over the past weeks – but nobody knows exactly what those dates are.

In the U.S., of course, the deeming regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are the great “known unknown”.

The FDA is committed to a June release of its long-awaited – and some claim much-delayed – deeming regulations on e-cigarettes and other tobacco-related products, the agency’s departing commissioner Margaret Hamburg assured senators recently; “I can tell you that it is my strong commitment and that of the team,” she said.

But whether that June deadline will be met, and if so with what, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, as activity on the deeming rules presumably continues behind the scenes, the FDA – now under temporary leadership since Hamburg packed her bags – may have given a few signals lately on its attitudes to e-cigs, though they’re difficult to read.

Most importantly, a panel advising the agency has rejected attempts by Swedish Match to claim that snus is less harmful than cigarettes – yet some members did accept its assertions of reduced risk.

And the FDA has also ordered three e-cigarette suppliers to stop falsely claiming that it endorsed their products.

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Barnaby Page - ECigIntelligence staff

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