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ECigIntelligence: E-cig industry “should design products and packs better”

ECigIntelligence - E-cig brands and manufacturers should pay more attention to product design, all the way from components to packaging, an industry conference was told this week.

Delegates at the TobaccoCampus event in Wiesbaden, Germany, heard that a more thoughtful approach to component choice can make production and compliance simpler, while opportunities exist to target specific market subsectors through packaging design.

Many e-cigarettes have a large number of component parts despite being relatively simple devices in principle, and involve complex insulation and finishing processes, according to Wendy Johnson, medical marketing manager for Celanese in the Netherlands and leader of the global chemicals and materials company’s e-cig team.

But “surely it’s advantageous to choose as few materials as you can”, she said. “It sometimes pays to use more expensive materials but use a product that has thinner walls and still meets the mechanical specifications that you need,” for example by using fewer, more sophisticated injection-moulded parts that can each perform multiple functions.

She cited the example of the casings for medical inhalers, where the inside surface is functional rather than just a container for the rest of the components.

Designing for automated assembly – which is becoming increasingly common in e-cig manufacture – is also a must, according to Johnson, who said “hand assembly is something from the 1920s”. Indeed, Dac Sprengel, president of the German e-cig trade association VdeH, said at the same event that he expects production in Europe to be fully automated within four months.

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Barnaby Page - ECigIntelligence staff

Photo: Steve Jurvetson