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  • Stop Smoking Without Putting on Weight

    Stop Smoking Without Putting on Weight

    Quitting tobacco is hard. It’s even tougher to quit without piling on the pounds. Research from the UK and France indicates that smokers put on around 10 pounds in the first 12 months after they quit, with most of the weight gain coming in the first three months. Exercise, dieting and stop-smoking treatments can all help you control your weight gain throughout your quitting journey. Here is our guide to giving up tobacco cigarettes without putting on weight. Why Do Quitters Put on Weight? Ditching tobacco is a healthy lifestyle choice. After 24 hours, carbon monoxide is eliminated from your...
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  • The Best Pod Flavors We’ve Vaped This Year

    The Best Pod Flavors We’ve Vaped This Year

    A few years ago, everyone was talking about huge clouds and sub-ohm devices that could push hundreds of watts in a single fire. For many vapers, vaping is about big devices, multiple batteries and power - but that isn’t the goal for every vaper. In fact, there is a growing number of vapers who simply just want an easy and reliable vaping solution. They don’t care for huge clouds, they just want to satisfy their desire without having to put much effort in. For those who want a simple vaping device that delivers a fulfilling amount of nicotine with each...
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  • Charities Hit Back At Vape Tax Plan

    Charities Hit Back At Vape Tax Plan

    CANCER charities along with the UK vaping industry have hit back at a government plan to tax e-cigarettes. They say imposing a “sin tax” on vaping would be counterintuitive to its mission to cut the number of smokers and lessen the burden on the National Health Service. They also claim it would have huge repercussions for the public's health. A government insider last week was reported as saying e-cigarettes are to be taxed in this Fall’s budget in a bid to raise an extra £40million for the country’s ailing NHS. The punitive measure is set to hit the UK’s 2.9million...
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  • Nicotine Is No Worse than Your Double Latte

    Nicotine Is No Worse than Your Double Latte

    Urging tobacco smokers to switch to safer forms of nicotine, the UK’s Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has claimed that nicotine is ‘no more harmful to health than caffeine’. Alarmingly, the organisation found that nine out of ten people still believe that nicotine by itself is harmful. In reality, RSPH claims, the chemical is no worse than the caffeine found in you morning cup of Joe. Nicotine is harmful in tobacco cigarettes largely because it is combined with other dangerous ingredients including tar, arsenic and carbon monoxide. In these circumstances, the addictive chemical is dangerous because it keeps smokers...
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  • UK To Be Hit With Vape Tax

    UK To Be Hit With Vape Tax

    THE UK is to be hit with a vape tax to raise an extra £40million for the country’s ailing National Health Service. According to government insiders, e-cigarettes are to be added to the so-called list of “sin taxes”, which are set for increases in this Fall’s budget. The punitive measure is set to hit the UK’s 2.9million vapers, half of which claim they took up the recreational activity to help quit their deadly habit. The news comes despite the NHS itself encouraging e-cigarettes as a way of giving up smoking with vaping allowed in many of its hospitals. One Whitehall...
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  • Senators Introduce Bill to Ban Flavors

    Senators Introduce Bill to Ban Flavors

    Senate Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin has teamed up with Senator Lisa Mirkowski, a Republican, to launch a new offensive on e-liquid flavors. On Monday, Illinois Democrat Durbin announced plans for a bipartisan bill to restrict ‘child-friendly’ flavorings. Arguing that e-cigarettes were part of a Big Tobacco ploy to get a new generation of kids hooked on nicotine, Durbin’s bill would require manufacturers to prove that flavorings aren’t harmful, don’t tempt kids into using nicotine and help adults quit. Manufacturers would have to one year to provide such evidence to the FDA. “We have made great progress in convincing kids...
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  • British American Tobacco Ahead in US Vaping Battle

    British American Tobacco Ahead in US Vaping Battle

    BRITISH American Tobacco (BAT) plans to test its new tobacco heating device in the United States later this year, allowing it to pull ahead of its rivals Philip Morris in the world's biggest vaping market. The London-based company has confirmed it has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to begin selling its Neocore heated-tobacco device, formerly known as Eclipse. It comes as shares in the second biggest global tobacco company have risen 5 per cent after reporting a better-than-expected first-half profit since its $49.4bn acquisition of cigarette giant Reynolds American in 2017. BAT inherited Neocore from Reynolds...
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  • Flying Vapes - What Are The TSA Vape Rules?

    Flying Vapes - What Are The TSA Vape Rules?

    TSA Vape Rules: Sky High with Your Vape Accessories The airport can be a real nightmare, even on a good day. While TSA regulations serve to make things safer, they also add in a whole layer of complications. Is this too much shampoo? Can I travel with my vape juice? Will I be mocked for having mismatched socks when I inevitably have to take my shoes off? Imagining the TSA vape rules can be terrifying on its own. Traveling with your vaping equipment sounds like it must be impossible. Right? Playing by the TSA Vape Rules It should come as...
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  • Vapers Sue Juul For Nicotine Addiction

    Vapers Sue Juul For Nicotine Addiction

    VAPERS and their families are suing e-cigarette manufacturers Juul for getting them addicted to nicotine. Three lawsuits have been filed against Juul Labs involving plaintiffs as young as 15, it has been revealed this week. They claim in court filings the device is marketed towards teenagers, contain more nicotine than combustible cigarettes – and the resulting addiction is disrupting their lives. The US vape company has already been at the centre of increasing controversy this year as its products have been slammed by the media, public health organizations and well-meaning parents and teachers for creating an “epidemic” of teenage vaping. The...
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  • $2 Million: The True Cost of Tobacco

    $2 Million: The True Cost of Tobacco

    If you live in one of six U.S. states, the true cost of a tobacco addiction could be more than $2 million over the course of your lifetime. The average smoker in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Hawaii or Alaska will fork out more than $2 million for things like cigarettes, healthcare and lost income over the course of their lifetime, according to research from WalletHub published earlier this year. The most expensive state was New York, with an average lifetime cost of $2,330,381, but smoking carried a lifetime price tag of $1,145,128 in the cheapest state of Kentucky...
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