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York vapes on despite bans

The York Press in York, England reports that local e-cigarette dealers aren't worried that indoor use bans will hurt sales. Several chains, such as Starbucks, an eatery called All Bar One, and even Kentucky Fried Chicken, have banned their use on their premises, but suppliers remain unconcerned. Business is booming, they point out, to the extent that enforcement of these bans by individual businesses do not pose a threat.

"I don't think it would harm the business if there was a ban on smoking (sic) inside" says Jon Hewitson of the shop Red Eye, "because since moving to York I've seen so many people smoking (sic) them and there's even vapour meetings where people discuss how to make their own." Despite their persistent habit of talking about "smoking" electronic cigarettes – not only the journalist, but even Hewitson himself – their news is encouraging.

Hewiston's shop, Red Eye, sells smoking paraphernalia of all kinds, and includes vaping supplies in its offerings. He advises against vaping in pubs: "We are allowed to smoke them in the shop to promote them, but if you sit in a pub and smoke it, that's rubbing it in someone's face."

Another York emporium offering vaping equipment is E-Mist, where vaper Sam Hawker acknowledges: "I do worry about the business but I don't think they will be banned from everywhere."

Hawker has been vaping for five years now, and believes the new habit is not harmful. "I smoke (sic) them because it's a lot healthier and I've stopped smoking because e-cigarettes don't have the tar or chemicals in them like a cigarette does."

This phenomenon is being repeated world-wide. Vaping (not "smoking") is popular enough that attempts to curtail it by nanny governments and nanny-compliant businesses seem to have little effect. The public seems to have a gut-level awareness of what governmental regulators can't see – that the product really does provide a smoking-curtailment benefit, with little if any harm to the user (not smoker).

Regulations, some of which threaten to strangle the burgeoning industry in vaping supplies, do not seem to be dampening the growth of the vaping phenomenon, which is growing rapidly, and shows little sign of slowing down.

The experience of distributors of vaping supplies, like Hewitson and Hawker in York, are mirrored by many other e-cig shops world-wide, including shops that go beyond mere e-cigs to open tank vaping systems. Many shops, faced with local bans on public use in pubs and restaurants, have expanded their space to include a vaping lounge, and these vaping lounges are rapidly becoming a new type of recreational venue.

So York, England, is not alone in playing host to a thriving market in vaping supplies, despite public use bans at the municipal level or at the level of individual businesses.