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Vending Vapes

The Miami firm Vaporin, which sells e-cigs, mods, liquids, and e-hookahs, is deploying vending machines for electronic cigarettes. The company made the announcement on May 19 in Miami. Vaporin is partnering with vending machine concern Seaga Manufacturing, Inc. to create the "Vapestation" – which will be used exclusively in establishments that only admit customers who are over 18.

US locations for the installations will start with high volume tourism centers such as Las Vegas, Nevada, and the company's homebase, South Florida (Miami, etc.), and also in Illinois, presumably Chicago, which seems odd, since public vaping is banned in Chicago. Perhaps they'll be going for the suburbs. Early marketing of the product will also take place in Canada and the United Kingdom.

"The deployment of our first Vapestations in only a few months of initiating our strategic agreement with Seaga is a key milestone for our Company" said Vaporin's Chief Operating Officer, Greg Brauser. "It is a testament to our ability to set forth a strategy and execute on it quickly and aggressively."

Initial feedback has been gratifying, according to Brauser. Customers seem to like the look, the feel, and the overall consumer experience that the vending machines offer. The company sees the strategy as a key to open up new areas for their customer demographic, by placing them in areas that would not supply them otherwise. Brauser and his colleagues the machines will open up a new revenue stream, and expect to deploy more of them throughout Europe, as well as in North America and the UK.

Vaporin offers disposables and rechargeables, as well as a Vaping Pen. They pride themselves on producing their liquids in the US.

prepared statement by company CEO Scott Frohman, declares, "Our strategic plan is to roll out globally through casinos, nightclubs, bars and other highly trafficked destinations with our target consumer. Not only will the consumer be provided easy access to the product, but there will also be a number of unique marketing capabilities including high definition video content on display."

Frohman assures the public that the Vapestations will be equipped with devices to prevent purchase by minors.
Division sales manager Kevin Horstman of Seaga calls e-cigs "an exploding market," and expresses delight at teaming with Vaporin.

Vaporin and Seaga are not the only companies seeking to enter this market. A firm called Vapor Vending Machines is also marketing an e-cig dispenser, suggesting to casino and bar owners that this technology offers a way to get into the lucrative vaping products market without the complications of producing one's own e-cig or complying with soon-to-be-forthcoming regulatory requirements.

Be prepared to see an e-cig vending machine in your favorite casino soon!