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Vaping summit planned for London in December

The Park Plaza Hotel, Victoria, will be the site of an electronic cigarette summit in early December, 2014. The event will be sponsored by IQPC (the International Quality and Productivity Centre), which will have recently returned from the Las Vegas e-cig event they are hosting at the end of September.

The speakers roster will include two trade association heads. Arnaud Dumas de Rauly of FIVAPE (the French Vapor Trade Association) will be coming across the Channel for the event, and Cynthia Cabrera of the US-based SFATA (the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association) will be traveling across the "Pond" to join in.

Several key figures from the world of online vaping advocacy will be on hand. The E-Cigarette Forum's own Oliver Kershaw will speak, as will Clive Bates, formerly of ASH (Action on Smoking and Health), whose blog, The Counterfactual, keeps the community energized as well as informed on vital issues related to the politics of vaping regulation.

Of course a scientific presence is essential, and Europe's top nicotine scientists in the harm reduction camp, Riccardo Polosa of the University of Catania (Italy), and Konstantinos Farsalinos of the Onassis Cardiac Center, will both hold forth with up-to-date scientific developments.

Advertising and international trade are issues crucial to the future of vaping. One speaker in this category will be Tim Phillips, lawyer and director of e-CigIntelligence, a firm that provides regulatory and market consulting for e-cig concerns. Mark English, advisor both to ASA, the British self-regulatory board for advertising, and also to the Committee on Advertising Practice, will speak, as will the chief legal officer of the World Customs Organization, Philippe Vorreux.

The suppliers represented will hail from some of the more innovative e-cig and vapor companies. On hand will be Gale Cohen of Ploom, a San Francisco-based firm making devices that vaporize not liquid but plant material, James Cullinan of e-cigarette manufacturer SwissVapour, Pamela Hillerström of Sweden's Light Your Fire, Morgane Lagneaux of Velox France, supplier of a wide variety of chemical raw materials, Brandon Ward of Evolvapor, and Charles Hamshaw-Thomas, who directs legal and corporate affairs for E-Lites.

Also included on the speakers' roster will be Ian Jones of Japan Tobacco International, David Lewis of the Cambridge Design Partnership (which has designed e-cigs), David Schmidt of chemicals firm INEOS Nitriles, and Lee Burke who specializes in "dangerous goods" for the UK postal service, Royal Mail.

The agenda for day one, after the welcome and keynote speeches, will include Bates on TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) implementation in the EU, Burke on UK shipping regulations, English on e-cig marketing before regulation, Lewis on design and the user, Polosa on scientific issues, Hamshaw-Thomas on vaping in public space, Farsalinos on flavors, a sponsor session with chemical firm reps, and a UK survey on global standards. Results of the survey on globalization will be presented at the end of day two, much of which will be devoted to issues of innovation.