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Vaping Lounges Catch On

Vaping lounges are the new hot thing all over the country. The best known is Talia Eisenberg's Henley Vaporium in New York City, in the news because of its location in the big apple and because of the proprietor's involvement with recent vape-ins linked with the city council's decision to ban public vaping. But they're springing up everywhere. This blog will be highlighting a few of them, starting today with Oklahoma City.

OKC's Liquid Vapor Lounge opened in early April, 2013, and offers state-of-the-art PVs and Mods, both locally and mail order. They also feature a relaxed lounge where customers congregate to vape, exchange tips, and simply enjoy the company of other e-cig users. "Come by," says the management, "and bring your laptop/iPad and chill out with some of the best eLiquids in the city!" They have Happy Hour daily from 4-6, and also offer helpful sessions, like their bi-weekly "Coil Build Nights". Community building is also a major focus, with Facebook (614 likes) links to news about what's happening on the regulatory front (Oklahoma now has a ban on vaping in state-owned buildings), and to "Calls-to-Action" from CASAA and other sites.

Speaking of "community," the Community Bar and Vape Lounge in Oklahoma City opened just a few months after the Liquid Vapor Lounge, and now has regular Karaoke Wednesdays, "Community Service" nights (their publicity focuses on community building), and a monthly black-light dance event called "Ultraviolet". Since opening May 24, their Facebook page has garnered 506 likes, and one reviewer says: "My only place to dance. Love this place." The dance floor really does rock, thanks to lively DJs and bands like Luvbass. Vapers who like to dance might want to check the place out when they're in OKC.

So in Oklahoma City, e-cigarette users can choose either a relaxed vaping lounge for chilling, or a vape lounge with one of the liveliest dance floors in town.

The reason these lounges, along with others all over the country and world, are important is that this may be the future of e-cig use. Before regulators and Big Tobacco decided to swagger in and take over, vapers had formed a community, one that will stay around no matter what they do to restrict the right to vape in public. Communities like this are well-known for their activism in causes that threaten their rights, and this community in particular is up on its ear about recent bans in New York, several cities in other states around the country, and, yes, in Oklahoma. The vaping community will not go away, and vaping lounges are proof of that. Chances are they will be an important locus for e-cig use as public options shrink in some localities. They may also be an important locus for political activism.