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Vaping book coming soon

2014 is an anniversary year for the electronic cigarette. It is just a decade now since Hon Lik's invention came on the market in China, and look how far we've come! This jubilee year is turning out to be an eventful one. Each week's headlines are dotted with new studies showing the minimal dangers of vaping, supplying convincing data on smoking cessation rates, presenting new products that are more satisfying and ever further from cigarettes. It is also turning out to be a milestone year for regulation – the governmental nannies have finally come forward with plans, only to find those so plans so flawed they may have to revise them before implementation.

Yet this fascinating story has yet to be told in a comprehensive book. There are user manuals, there are product guides, there are oceans of verbiage pro and con. But the public has yet to possess a book covering all aspects of vaping. And it's time!

Yours truly to the rescue. My book, A Congregation of Vapers: The First Decade of Electronic Cigarettes, should be finished by the end of the year, and is available for pre-order now. Customers who pre-order will receive the book's introduction, "An Untimely Product", now, as a pdf document, further pdf documents containing excepts from new sections as they are created, and the final product when it is ready. Target – December.

In order to clear my desk of other writing projects (aside from, with the aim of speedy completion of the book, a crowd-funding campaign has been started on Kickstarter. That way, full time and attention can be devoted to Congregation. The "reward" for donation to the campaign will be a pre-order of the book, with all the same perks that come with regular pre-orders. So in effect there are two ways to pre-order the book.

Regarding Kickstarter donations, I do not plan to simply "take the money and run," since they should be properly viewed as charitable donations. So once the book is out, and sales are sufficient, the money from Kickstarter will be redirected into a charitable cause in the vaping community. One plan would be to donate it to research on vaping product safety, allowing a prominent harm reduction scientist in the nicotine field to name the recipient.

Another possibility would be to use the money to create a "paperwork reduction" foundation, to help small vaping product firms get their products certified and on the market, past the FDA/TPD/MHRA hurdles. One of the strongest and most cogent critiques of proposed regulations has been that they will "hand the market to Big Tobacco" by requiring mounds of paperwork, which cigarette firms can take in stride, while it may sink some of the smaller, non-tobacco-linked, companies. Of course, these smaller, newer companies, which don't make cigarettes, are bringing out the most innovative products, much preferred by seasoned vapers. Using crowd-funding monies to help such companies clear regulatory hurdles would be a boon to the vaping industry in terms of competition with Big Tobacco, and for the vaping community, in terms of variety, novelty, and quality of products.

Besides, you'll really like the book!