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Vapers express true feelings toward Big Tobacco

A friend of mine put me onto this new product that will be of interest to vapers wishing to express their true feelings toward the poison hawkers of Big Tobacco.

Now that vaping opponents and market observers alike are assuming that huge companies manufacturing poisonous combustible cigarettes represent the interests of vapers, it's a good idea to express one's attitudes toward Big Tobacco in a forceful, adult manner. Gives you a good feeling too.

Search no longer; now you can wear it on your shirt!

The Henley Vaporium in lower Manhattan, one of the first "vaping lounges" to receive widespread press attention, offers a t-shirt, and two varieties of vapestick, emblazoned with a racy message addressed to the death-hawking juggernauts of the tobacco industry.

The Henley Vaporium is the brainchild of former smoker Talia Eisenberg, who was so delighted to find an effective smoking cessation device that was cool, and did not have to be affixed to the skin or sucked like a flu-medicine, that she started her own line of vaping supplies, as well as a vaping venue that has become one of the Big Apple's must-see watering places. Eisenberg's Vaporium, nestled in the trendy reaches of lower Manhattan's Soho district, has been covered in major press organs, and offers a wide variety of e-liquid flavors, as well as "vapologists" who can advise users on the finer niceties of vaping, in a funky and relaxed atmosphere away from the finger-wagging City Council. (Indeed, fingers may be positioned quite differently. Expressively.) Eisenberg herself has been a visible participant in some of the events surrounding Gotham's adoption of the public vaping ban imposed by outgoing mayor Mary Poppins, or no, wait... don't tell me... Bloomers...? Bloominidget...? something like that.

Some of the foremost nay-sayers, regarding the smoking cessation properties of electronic cigarettes, have taken up the line that the devices are "a trick by Big Tobacco to hook kids on nicotine." This line of reasoning can only be adopted if you ignore what actually happened, which was that independents marketed the foreign invention, and users took it up gleefully, much to the dismay of the death merchants of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. After their initial horror at the way the product was eating away at their profits, the cancer-stick makers decided "if you can't fight 'em, join 'em," and decided to start making and selling the popular antidote to their poisons, while still selling their poisons as energetically as ever. With the huge budgets these companies have at their disposal (collected by preying on the health of their hapless customers), they easily bought their way into a position of market dominance.

Observers of financial markets, bless their greedy little hearts, seem to notice no difference between e-cigarette companies that sell no poison and those that have grown rich preying on the world's health (except that the latter have a lot more money). Blind to ethical issues, they see only dollar signs, their eyes lighting up like cash registers, as in an old Disney cartoon. So they too are fine with seeing Big Tobacco as the voice of the vaping community.

Well, vapers themselves are unlikely to make that mistake, and now they can show how they feel with an expressive, adult themed t-shirt.

Vive la resistance!