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Vapers aren’t being Intimidated

Real vapers don't seem to be intimidated by the scare tactics being used by the vape bashing press, reports the Milwaukee (Wisconsin) Journal-Sentinel. Ex-smokers happy to have their lungs back seem to be ignoring the rash of yellow journalism, whether it is funded by secret sources in Big Tobacco-land, or simply the product of the clueless crusaders of the CDC and the California Department of Health.

Milwaukee, like every city on the planet, has seen a rash of start-ups with names like “Planet of the Vapes” and “Vape Escape”, and the Journal-Sentinel interviewed several employees and customers at the new emporia. No one seemed concerned about trace elements of scary-sounding toxicants.

Twenty-two-year-old Justin Campbell reports that he likes the flavor better than that of tobacco smoke, and says that “it's been a good choice. After smoking conventional cigarettes, I'm not too worried.”

Employee Anna Scott remarks that e-liquid's 4 ingredients hardly match the thousands found in cigarettes, and adds the caveat, “It's all in moderation.” Ms. Scott seems to understand Igor Burstyn's dictum that “the poison is in the dose,” something CDC Director Tom Frieden has yet to figure out.

Curtis Gurnieny, two and one half months off smokes, says he had reached “the point where [he] was suffering from [his] cigarettes,” and finds vaping “healthy, tasty, and convenient.”

Wisconsin isn't the only place where vaping is catching on. Trendy newspaper the Huffington Post even offered an op-ed piece a few weeks ago, trumpeting the title: “How to get started with e-cigarettes.”

Author Oscar Raymundo recommends starting with a disposable e-cigarette. One hopes readers taking his advice will try one of the disposables offered by an independent e-cig firm. Not only will they avoid supporting the continuation of smoking that way, but they will use a superior product. Then, says Raymundo, if they like the disposable, “investing in a rechargeable e-cig (or vaping pen) will be more affordable in the long run than to continue purchase disposable e-cigs.

He also notes that varying nicotine levels and different flavors can add to the enjoyment of the vaping experience, and he even offers some tips on pipe-style vapes.

The scare mongers seem to be preaching to deaf ears. To be sure, they have had an effect on public confidence in the health benefits of vaping, as reflected in the 20% drop in such confidence. This will certainly dampen the rush of new cigarette quitters to the vape shops. That will have a certain death toll, to be sure, which may be blamed squarely on the  shoulders of the misguided crusaders of vape bashing. But those who are already enjoying those health benefits comprise a solid community that can't be scared away.