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Vape is saved. Deeming dead?

Vape is saved. Deeming dead?

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Oliver Kershaw

Oliver Kershaw

Founder of and co-founder of

In a somewhat extraordinary and unexpected development Scott Gottlieb, the newly appointed head of FDA, has announced that the submission deadline for PMTAs is to be delayed until 2022. 

This is a de-facto endorsement of the vaping industry and heads off the cataclysmic demise that was set in motion by the previous administration. 

The grandfathering date from last year is not changed, so new products may not be introduced to the market, although it’s unclear what enforcement there is likely to be on that front. 

This delay comes as part of a comprehensive anti-smoking plan which also involves the (controversial) denicotinisation of tobacco cigarettes which will start in 2021. In reality, this could be transformative for the vape industry, as smokers move to vape products to get their nicotine which is no longer available from smoking. 

My intel suggests that the FDA’s interim focus will be on underage sales and “kid-centric” flavors, although it’s not clear in practice how the latter will manifest. The rulemaking process for setting standards for characterizing vape juice flavors will take at least three years. 

In any case, this is huge news for vapers and for the vaping industry. Thousands will rest much easier tonight knowing that this life-saving movement can continue to grow and help fulfill the mission of the coercion-free end of smoking. 

The full press release is available here the full speech is available here

  • Curt Fish

    Finally.... The voice of reason prevails.

  • jonsieling

    Finally science involved in the FDA! Maybe an easier pathway to PMTA as well?

  • Jodene Cummings

    I don't understand what denicotinisation means. I tried to look it up but found no definition. Can someone explain it to me?

  • Bill Godshall

    While Gottlieb's 4 year delay of vapor prohibition day in American (until 2022) is welcomed news, unless FDA significantly modifies its very costly (i.e. >$20 million) requirements for PMTA and MRTP applications, the only companies that will be able to submit those applications to FDA
    in 2021 will be the world's largest cigarette companies (i.e. Philip Morris, Altria, BAT/Reynolds, Imperial and JTI).

    And in contrast to Gottlieb's and Zeller's claim of supporting the development of new low risk alternatives, their proposal maintains the Deeming Reg's ban on the sale of ALL new vapor products in the US that weren't on the market by August 8, 2016.

    It will also remain illegal for any vapor company to truthfully claim that vapor products are less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

  • MrsSpooky

    This is good news! One question I have is, with the ' “kid-centric” flavors ' statement. Most of the flavors are kid-centric, aren't they? I'm vaping one now that's a combination butterscotch and caramel. That would be considered kid-centric I think.

  • Martina

    Three weeks into vaping four years ago I went to mechs and gennies. I'm still with them, because I didn't need anything the B&M's had, and all the B&M's I went to, at the outset, have now been closed down by the FDA war on vaping. I wind my own coils, roll my own SS mesh wicks, make my own juice and the FDA cannot touch my mesh and kanthal. I have many liters of 100 mg nicotine in my freezer and all the flavorings, PG and VG I need for years.

    Burn in Hell FDA!!!! BTW, why does the FDA have it's own SWAT team?

  • GWalcott

    In other words, if e-cigarettes make more money than cigarettes by 2021, the FDA will back off.

  • Russ Wishtart

    Donald Trump saved vaping.

  • Chrisvhfan

    Thats what happens when a real leader becomes President not a lowly anti American Islamic communist like Obama. Regulation Nation is what democrats are about , Trump got rid of all the job killing reg's and this good news is just one of the many positives that emerge from it.

    What i find funny is many liberals actually think what the media says about Trump is true LOL, Wikileaks has proven that every single accusation they have said is 100% false.

    Wikileaks also has Clinton in her own words saying that the media has been instructed to NEVER reveal the truth to the dem base, many didn't know that but FAKE NEWS is alive and well and the below link proves it.

  • Christopher Patton

    None of this mean anything unless the predicate date is squashed. All tech created after 2007 will be banned.

  • darlene

    what can i do

  • Jason Williams


  • Phil Jackson

    While this is buying some time for vaping, I feel once the sh*t really hits the fan, the costs are going to skyrocket in order to have the largest corporations controlling the market as they did with analog tobacco products. Stock up on materials and supplies, as this new deadline is only a step for them to gain the profits.
    In the meantime...Vapeace!!!

  • jlaudiofan

    Denicotineization..... I wonder what kind of badass chemicals get used to do that... and what does it leave in your tobacco....?

  • Jenny Everywhere

    Just waiting for them to realize that it isn't the nicotine in cigarettes that makes them so deadly. It's the tar and other crap in the smoke. All the nicotine does is make it difficult to stop taking in that tar and other crap in the smoke. A denicotinized cigarette has no reason for being except to cause cancer, and does nothing to help the people who still can't kick the nicotine.

  • Paul Revere

    Awesome news Oliver, thanks for sharing!! :)

  • Maria Scott

    Thank you Trump!!!!

  • Maria Scott

    And thanks to Scott Gottlieb!! But let's be honest if Trump wasn't president. We could kiss vaping goodbye!

  • Dmember

    What's a PMTA?

  • Ronald Heiland

    So now this hurdle is over, we will have to stop big Pharma for needing to add chemical X to the e-liquid as a "preservative".Yeah, right....Don't worry, I'm sure it won't give you cancer or diabetes or something. They don't want us sick and obese ya know. I wouldn't start cheering just yet. Vape shops will be dead too. As you will get gas, buy a closed system liquid cartridge with chemical X added and the merchant will make .50 cents on that transaction, JUST like cigarettes. Then later you will get sick and die in the most medically profitable way, JUST like cigarettes. Then people will retaliate and sue E-liquid companies because they got cancer, JUST like cigarettes. Forget stocking up for doomsday, just enjoy your homemade e-liquid and when the time comes, just QUIT and run away. You have enough to worry about with added preservatives in food causing cancer and obesity. Now you have a liquid base to mess with, that's just toooo appealing. Cue maniacal insidious laugh...

  • jay

    This war isn't over by a long shot! Hence my words trumps 38 percent dem voters in hopes of vaping saved will be lost if he falters. So, I doubt they'll take a gamble. This extension gives trump time to counter approach the whole thing!

  • ShanedogWinnipeg

    Wrong Jack. Trump doesn't know there's a difference between Russian & German...Ask Angela Merkel.

  • Kimberly Ann King

    Woot! Right to Vape!!!!

  • Robert Hargrove

    This thread is about the future health of those switching from combustable tobacco to e cigarettes and it is a win. As you read on you will see how the deplorable's who supported Trump will try to make this a political statement attempting to turn it into a win for the most defunctional administration this country has ever seen lead by a con mad. Dr Gottlieb takes the credit here. Trump doesn't even know we exist. How do I know? He didn't brag about it to the Boy Scouts.LOL

  • Erik Christian Stenquist

    Thankful for the update, hope by the time I post this the comments will actually be focusing on the vape industry and how we can, as citizens help. One way is to show we are positive people who are in line with tobacco awareness and it's dangers. Keeping our products out of kids reach, and educating the public on the myths of vaping and what it actually is.