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Vape ‘n’ Gape in the Frozen North!

The newest vape shop start-up in the Minnesota twin cities area combines electronic cigarettes with cutting edge art, so you can gape while you vape at Infinite Vapor in Minneapolis.

Shop honchos Beecher Vaillancourt and Gavin Rydell have fitted the shop out with high end art in a combination design studio and e-cig emporium.

Minnesota news source reports that the shop is part of a wave of e-cigarette start-ups across Minnesota. There are now thirty-eight stores in the state, twenty of them in the Minneapolis/St. Paul "twin-cities" metro area, four in Minneapolis itself, and one in St. Paul. The "Infinite" franchise will have seven shops across Minnesota and North Dakota.

"Vita" reports that the wave is attendant upon the growing feeling among the state's ex-smokers that e-cigs are a good way to kick the coffin-nails habit. Both Vaillancourt and his sister Anjel Vaillantcourt have quit smoking since opening the shop.

Add this to the Smokeless Smoking vaping lounge we reported on a month or so ago, and the snowy metropolis looks to be one of the vaping capitals of a growing groundswell.

What makes Infinite Vapor unique is its art-studded interior, designed by curator Tricia Khutoretsky, whose new gallery, Public Functionary, features dance parties where the libations flow, as well as guest speakers and panel discussions. "I’m about the social activity that happens around art as much as the art itself," says Khutoretsky. Infinite Vapor's space is dominated by a wallpaper-scale mural designed by Minneapolis-based artist Michael Cina of AREA: Designed Environments (Apropos Studio), and also features a Khutoretsky-curated exhibit of graphic street art from Burlesque of North America. Locally-connected artists Eric Inkala, Adam Garcia, Mike Davis, and Greg Gossel are also featured.

Sundays will be a special treat, when Glam Doll Donuts will be offered, featuring their inimitable "Femme Fatale" with fresh raspberry curd and vanilla icing.

Infinite Vapor will be an official hard ticket outlet for First Avenue Concerts of Minneapolis.

Tickets to Minneapolis are available from your local travel agent, and from selected airline, train, and bus sites. Parkas and assorted cold-weather wear, including perhaps snowshoes, are available from your local winter wear outfitter.

Never mind the chilly climes – Paris, London, New York and LA will no doubt have an uphill trek to keep up, but they may be equal to the task, at least in part.