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V2 moves from online to UK retail shelves

Florida based V2 electronic cigarettes has has been one of the highest volume vaping supplies dealers online. They do some retail business in the US, for instance through an agreement with a company making cigarette rolling papers. Their products have been very popular with customers. But by and large their thriving US business has been online. But it looks like that is soon to change, at least on the British side of the pond.

When Paul hunt opened up a UK division for the company, as Managing Director he continued to develop online sales, following the footsteps of the company's Yankee operations. Under his leadership, the British V2 has built a customer base of twenty thousand vapers since January 2013.

Hunt has now announced his intention to move the UK business into retail, offering the popular products into convenience stores, or as they are sometimes called in Britain, off-licence dealers.

“Our customers tell us they want to go into convenience stores and off-licences and buy them, rather than over the internet," says Hunt.

The company's data base of internet sales allows it to predict which locations will prove most advantageous. They know how many customers are located within a certain radius of a shop, according to Hunt. "We have a lot of market intelligence on buying habits."

Providing customers with information about the product is a strong point, according to Hunt, and with no sub-contracting, all aspects of production are in the hands of the company. Assembly, testing, and packaging are all done in house. Each product tells the user when and where it was made and lists the ingredients. "No other e-cig producer is doing this," claims Hunt. This feature may well become increasingly advantageous as regulators worldwide increase their demands for product information and ingredient lists.

The product Hunt is most eager to market in off-licence outlets is the V2 PRO Series 3 Vaporizer, which sells for £50 to £80. (A US version sells online for $69.99, which converts to £44.01, but that does not include overseas shipping.)

The PRO Series 3 fulfills "all vaping needs," Hunt claims.

As the vaping supplies market moves from disposable cigalikes toward rechargeable systems with refillable tanks, more and more convenience stores are making room on their shelves for these vapor-tank systems. By moving these vaporizers into independent outlets, V2-UK may be hoping to get ahead of the game, and it may not be long before the parent company in Florida takes the same step. By providing lots of product information, including lists of ingredients, the firm may satisfy the impending regulations before they are imposed. That is assuming of course that the FDA will resist the R.J. Reynolds request to outlaw its competition from vapor-tanks. With the move into convenience stores, that outcome seems decreasingly likely.