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Top Washington Newspaper gives Conley Hearing

A revered news source in the US capital has given vaping activist Greg Conley the stage for a new year's message of signal importance. Washington's online and print newspaper The Hill published Conley's op ed piece pointing out that proposed regulations on vaping supplies would effectively serve Big Tobacco's interests by wiping out its competition, and make vaping a support for the continuation of smoking, rather than a tool for abolishing it.

Nothing in Conley's editorial will surprise vapers. It's a story the community knows well. But it could serve an important educational role for legislators accustomed to biased spin from Atlanta's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and San Francisco's campus of the University of California system, both of which seem unaware that they are proposing a multi-billion dollar gift to the makers of Marlboros and Camels. Not to mention a death sentence to a verifiable percentage of would-be ex-smokers.

The regulation threatens to stifle a fast-growing, U.S.-based, industry that is establishing a track record of selling products that help smokers transition away from cigarettes” says Conley. “In the process, these costly and burdensome rules would turn the vapor market, which is now currently served by thousands of independent and family-owned businesses, over to companies that have long exhibited a lack of regard for public health – Big Tobacco.”

The prominent vaping advocate, formerly legal affairs consultant for CASAA and now head of his own newly-founded American Vaping Association, explains for an unenlightened public and legislative community the difference between “cigalikes” -- e-cigarettes that strive to imitate lethal smokes – and open vaping systems, which aren't really e-cigs at all. He notes that Big Tobacco still specializes in cigalikes, which it started making only a few years ago, after an initial 5-year period of opposition. Open vapor systems are the product of choice for most seasoned vapers, and they are still made by community-based companies of modest size.

Big Tobacco – basically we are talking about 2 companies, Altria of Richmond, Virginia, which makes Marlboros, and Camels-maker R.J. Reynolds of the North Carolina triad cities, recently merged with its neighbor and erstwhile competitor, Lorillard, which makes the menthol brand Newports. Both companies now produce a cigalike, MarkTen and Vuse respectively. And they have quite simply asked the Food and Drug Administration to demolish their competition by outlawing open-vapor systems. Astonishingly, the FDA seems inclined to entertain the crass request.

The FDA is already entertaining measures that would effectively do the same thing. If proposed “deeming” regulations are implemented in the form under consideration, the price tag on staying in business would be much higher than the modestly-sized open-vapor companies could afford. Everyone except Big Tobacco would be wiped off the field, vapers would be left without their favorite smoking-cessation tool, and smoking would be saved, thanks to the agency entrusted with protecting the public from harmful products like cigarettes.

Hopefully the legislators will heed Conley's appeal. Unfortunately, the battle in Congress looks to be shaping up as a partisan contest, in the midst of an ugly partisan atmosphere. Republicans, who tend to favor business interests, are lining up behind a measure to ease the certification process for new tobacco products, while Democrats, who usually support regulation, are advocating a cigarette classification for e-cigarettes, under the provisions of a 1997 ruling. How ironic that the Democrat advocates of regulation, the opponents of unshackled business interests, are pushing for a gift to the most outrageously abusive industry, and verifiable harm to the public.

Perhaps the President, a successful smoking-quitter who chews nicotine gum, will weigh in. Hopefully for the public and against Big Tobacco. 

  • johnnyngo

    there is so much that goes on to having an electronic cigarettes than i thought.

  • johnnyngo

    Hi guys, i'm new to this vaping thing. i just recently bought a starter kit online with a 5 pack of vision clearomizers. I have been using it for 2 weeks now. Its starting to burn my throat every time i use it. Is it the juice that i'm using?

  • jamespatriot

    I am new to this e cig forum. I am spending. A lot of money with this company called Blu. Can anyone give me. The names of other corps. Brand names and their web page.any help would be appreciated.Before I go broke. Thanks

  • firkttn

    I am a new e-cigg user-5 days now- and loving it. was told by the guy that sold me the unit to come here. want to post but always receive an error message...not logged in...cant sign up to log in..why??

  • pfox6586

    I have to say, skip the cartos and atties(unless you are sampling flavors) and go for a tank. I bought the Kanger pro tank and the flavors are incredible. Dont bother with the pre loaded cartos at all; go to your local vape shop and sample some flavors and then buy a tank and fill it with that flavor. I am a noobie, but It doesnt take long to "get it". Vape on my brothers and sisters..........

  • Shannon Paskaruk

    Hi Guys...
    I need HELP-lol
    So I went to Vegas a month ago and purchased a Jessy M electronic cigarette.
    I have never used one before and when I got back home, I tried to set it all up..The directions for this unit are VERY useless, to say the least :(
    I charged it fully and filled the chamber with the oil, put it back together and pushed the button a few times-The button turned blue.
    I have tried puffing on it and NOTHING!!
    What am I doing wrong??

  • sam83

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering if anybody has tried Cool Vapour e-cigs ?. They come in a pack with 5 e-cigs..

  • 8Thatdude8

    hey guys i just bought an elite express kit that came with an elite battery and an elite t4 atomizer and a usb charger. i brought the kit home and put the battery on the charger. the info says to leave the battery on the charge until the light turns green. so i left it on the charge over night because i got late and wanted to try the rig out the next morning. i go to check it the next morning and the charger light is still red and i try to put the battery on the atomizer and nothing happens.(and yes i turned the battery on. am i doing something wrong?? plz help! haha thank you

  • Jetsmech

    HI! I been vaping for almost 2 years now and ever since I started I been vaping more than I used to smoke. Is this thing bad? I know it states that it is only water vapor. But I just want to make sure that I am not over doing it. I love menthol flavor and read lots of blog about mixing the e-liquid with menthol crystal or menthol liquid can give me the desired mnehtol hit I want. Is it safe to do it that way? Please help.

  • Tim Eagan

    I quit analogs in April 13 and would like to announce same but cannot afford to contribute can I still proclaim freedom from analogs with a bannner?

  • kristal

    hello nice to meet u bay

  • kelvin

    anybody selling e juice in singapore?

  • Jessika Higbie

    I have a question about a certain brand that my mom got for my dad and he didn't want. I'm going in for tooth surgery later this month and want to have a decent smoke. This brand of e-cigarette is Elight eSig. My question is how do you install those things? We read the directions but couldn't figure how it works. It has a charger with it as well. I hope you can help me. If anyone has any info on how this brand works then let me know. Mom got scammed by those so called "Free trial" e cigarette ads and think I might use it.

  • Stoneruby

    New to this, and have lots of chemical sensitivities, but trying to come off organic cigs after many years of smoking for health reasons. The store that I purchased my Mini Nova Kit from said that I could dilute the flavor....anyone have any suggestions how or what to use to dilute flavors ??? Would GREATLY appreciate any help :)

  • Dr_Jeff_Morris

    I'm new to Vaping and I have a chrome Vamo V4 but the threads are loose and only 1 or 2 of my 510 thread tanks fit the others just don't screw up properly and drop of, so I think I need a converter from ego to 510 ego, has ant one have info on what to fit to it so I can use all my tanks???

  • Dr_Jeff_Morris

    Is there a longer battery cap for the chrome Vamo V4? as I have got two more battery tubes so I can use two times 18650's but I'm using protected battery's and they are just that little bit longer and it stops the battery cap screwing all the way home and compresses the battery spring all the way flat??? or 4 thin washers one in each section to take the gap out

  • Dr_Jeff_Morris

    Dose anyone know if the chrome Vamo V4 head separates from the fixed tube that houses one 18350???

  • Dr_Jeff_Morris

    Dose anyone know were I can perches a new top peace for my chrome Vamo V4 were the both ego & 510 threads are???

  • Judy12

    My oil has turned black in my e-cig. I have only been using 9 days....what is wrong?

  • Philip Broesamle

    How much e-liquid should I put in my evod tank? It's clear and somewhat round. anyway 1/2? 3/4? I really have no idea.

  • Jessicah

    Hello. I quit smoking regular cigs and started e-cigs about two months ago. I have ALOT to learn although I am loving them! Anyways I was wondering if there are other posibilitys to the burnt taste besides it being empty?

  • Annemarie Nefford

    Can anyone help ? my cig shut off and i charged it now cant get it to turn back on.i use buck naked.does anyone know a trick?

  • Sarah-Tiffany

    Hey everyone:) I am new to the group...I've been vaping for six months, and just bought my FIRST MOD!!! :) I am thrilled to have it, as the Egos just weren't doing it for me anymore. Okay, so I bought the MVP 2.0 and I absolutely LOVE it, but it came with the iclear 16, which I'm not crazy about. I want to put my iclear 30s on it, but none of my transition/beauty rings are fitting on it. What ring do I need in order to use my pretty new iclear 30s?!? I didn't realize that the threading on the MVP was not set up for the iclear 30. Not even my regular iclear 30 with it's ring will fit on it. Please tell me that I just need a different ring! :)

  • brigitte lant

    AHi...i am new to this vapor cig thing. I have a Vuse..i like the idea
    But for some reason i seem to lnhale air where the base of
    The filter to the silver stem. Is this normal?
    I even bought a second kit and it does the same thing!!
    I have to basicly wrap my fingers aroind the cylinder
    To seal it so i get a full puff! Is this what i have to expect or
    Am i doing something wrong? Please help me!

  • Col Hatley

    Hi folks, kinda new to this e-cig stuff. Been at it only two months. Does anyone know a good red hots formula?

  • jonhall2

    i am new to ecf and there is alot of knowledge i am hoping to acquire here. i see ecig ads on tv now and eagerly await the medical community to get on-board and advocate vaping as a smoking cessation tool. as for now, i wonder if i should be amassing diy in the event legislation goes awry in the near future.

  • Jessica Kahn

    I really think you (ECF) need's a more user friendly site. Yes I was a VS 120 smoker for too many years and have moved on to the great flavors of vaping and now, unlike many of my smoking fans. I'm sold. I get my cake and eat it too. I love the Smoke=vapor and the nicotine delivers what my body is use too what I don't miss is smelling like a ash tray and feeling like shit from all the other chems in cigs, and not being able to breath in the morning. I know that It is big money. Taken away from a Big Gov. That are fighting this it is cutting into the price of cigs of there tax share.

  • CaliBoof

    I have had this Itaste MVP 2.0 for a while now and I do love it but still find myself kind of clueless when it comes to adjusting the settings. I just try different things until it works but I have no idea what the function of the P versus the U button are. Sometimes it tastes burnt when I have it on a certain wattage and then other times it doesn't but I am getting frustrated. I just want to be able to blow decently sized clouds and get a good taste. I have a protank right now to go with it. Can anyone help me out? I'm embarassed to be vaping around all my friends who seeminly have become vaping experts overnight. I don't have enough money for a drip tank right now but I still need to be able to hold my own! HELP ME PLEASE!

  • Bodiman

    Hi I joined last week and I forgot my Password in you mailed me a new Password but when I try to in it will not work

  • MotivationalMe

    Im new to all of this and I brought one cartomizer Evod and One Clearomizer Evod Ego. I don't know have no clue should have just went to store and brought it there. Hopefully all goes well when I get it. Who knows I'm vaping for health reasons; I made some DIY oils that work in other ways in my life.

  • animal1965

    i just up graded my from a 900 to the ego-vve mega 1300 i'm using 1.8 ohm from kanger tech when i put the tank on it reads 2.4 ohm is this ok