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Support Cole-Bishop! Take Action to Save Vapor!

Support Cole-Bishop! Take Action to Save Vapor!

Faced with an unpredictable, unaffordable and ultimately unrealistic application process, more and more vapor shops across the country are facing the reality that they may soon have to close their doors. This will put thousands of Americans out of work and eliminate a healthier alternative to tobacco for adult consumers. 

If the vapor industry is going to survive – if vapor products are going to remain on the shelves and not in some back alley – we all have to rally around a common objective. Right now, that means finding a way to work with members of both parties in Congress to change the predicate date. No matter what else you may have heard or read, there is only one viable path to save the vapor industry this year: the Cole-Bishop Amendment. In Congressmen Tom Cole and Sanford Bishop, we have a rare opportunity in an otherwise stymied and polarized Congress to work with members across the political spectrum to achieve our goal of keeping new and innovative vapor products on the market.


It is up to you. We will only be successful if we stick together and make our voices heard. So, the Vapor Technology Association is issuing a call to action to all of YOU to do your part to save vapor. 

On behalf of the Vapor Technology Association,  we are excited to announce the vapor industry's first social media campaign directed at Congress. We are using a social media tool called a Thunderclap — leveraging our combined social media networks to amplify the core message that will help save vapor and our industry. 

The way it works is simple. All you have to do is support the campaign with your company’s and, if you want, your personal Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts by clicking here now. Then, on October 27th, our message that #WeAreVapor will be blasted simultaneously across every supporter’s social media networks. But in order for this campaign to truly exceed our aspirations, we will need you to also partner with us to promote the Thunderclap in a coordinated campaign to garner the support of your followers, customers, and partners.

To learn more about the Vapor Technology Association or how to get involved, visit our website at