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Summits and more summits

In the aftermath of the ECF summit last Thursday, other e-cigarette conferences are popping up all over the place. Is everybody just imitating ECF? Does anybody care? After all, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," they say! And summits are fast becoming vaping advocates' venues of choice for the exchange of scientific information, responses to regulatory moves, and contacts for political action.

The summit scheduled for December 3-4, at the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel and Spa in London, is sponsored by Cuts Ice E-Liquid Laboratories and ten other sponsors, and will feature a visit by 20 attendees to the Cuts Ice manufacturing facility, to get a closer look at the way their liquids are kept to the highest standards of quality, according to a press release.

Speakers will include the much sought-after Konstantinos Farsalinos, whose frequent flyer mileage must be soaring into the stratosphere. He will speak on flavourings, a topic with which he has become strongly linked in recent months, in the aftermath of his recent population studies on flavour preferences and their importance to vapers. His colleague Riccardo Polosa will also be featured, on the topic of fact versus fiction in reporting on scientific issues.

Clive Bates will also speak on regulatory issues, talking about the advantage given to tobacco companies when regulations on e-cigarettes are needlessly burdensome. Mark English, an advisor to the Adverts Standards Authority and its Commission on Advert Practices will speak, and in view of last week's flap over the recent advert ban, will doubtless attract strong interest.

ECF's own Oliver Kershaw, with a frequent flyer balance to rival that of Farsalinos, will also be on hand with Dr. Polosa, they will speak in a forum on standardisation and survey results in that area.

The visit to Cuts Ice Labs is billed as the featured event. There are only 20 spots in the group that will visit the lab, so attendees need to register posthaste. "In the exclusive site visit, participants will have the opportunity to discuss pressing issues with their peers and explore, investigate and ask questions to the lab specialists about developing next generation e-liquids."

Once again, the event is handled by IQPC, the International Quality and Productivity Center, which also takes care of vaping industry events in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

Other sponsors, in addition to Cuts Ice, include the Cambridge Design Partnership, Cerulean, Velox, Contraf-Nicotex-Tobacco GmBH, Alchem, INEOS Barex, Hangsen, and OPLUS. Additional sponsorship opportunities are still available.