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Ryan Air is Doing What?

Ryan Air is teaming up with e-cigarette manufacturer DanSmoke to do something – nobody is quite sure what at this stage. Statements are confusing, but it seems possible that the upshot will be something positive for vapers who fly frequently, and for frequent flyers who vape.

Although Ryan Air still claims that vaping will not be permitted on board, DanSmoke is offering to print a “discount voucher” on the Ryan Air boarding passes, documents that also serve as luggage tags for the discount airline.

Ireland-based Ryan is Europe's premier discount carrier, and can get you from Dublin or London Stansted (Ryan's own airport) to a host of European cities at a fraction of the usual price.

The carrier's website still claims “Ryanair do not permit (sic) the use of electronic cigarettes on board any of its flights, however smokeless cigarettes can be purchased and used on board.”

So what do they mean by “smokeless cigarettes”? No one seems sure, but not e-cigs, apparently. The site “Travel-With-A-Mate” thinks it might be some of the newly touted products featuring heated tobacco, heated but not combusted. “Simply low nicotine cigarettes that do not need to be lit.”

Travel Pulse wonders whether DanSmoke might be moving toward a plan to manufacture such products, and notes that e-cig regulations vary from one airline to the next. Travel Pulse states that vaping “still produces smoke” (sic – it does not), but notes its rapidly rising popularity.

So although the publicity surrounding this move is unclear and even contradictory, the action seems to bode well for the freedom to vape on board. This seems especially true now that the American Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) is now counseling airlines to insist that e-cigs be carried in carry-on luggage rather than packed in checked luggage, because of the danger that their lithium batteries will be activated, and then ignited, by jostling in the cargo hold. If it's in your carry on, and the airline itself has printed a voucher on their boarding pass, can on-board permission to vape be far away?

Ryan is already well-known for selling food items and promotional gifts on board. Maybe the next thing sold on Ryan Air will be electronic cigarettes.