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Ploom brass talks tobacco with herzog

Wells Fargo Securities tobacco guru Bonnie Herzog has invited the management team of Ploom Vaporizers (including CEO James Monsees, CTO Adam Bowen, and Scientific/Regulatory head Gal Cohen) to speak at a “Tobacco Talk” conference call on Tuesday, December 16.

Herzog has announced that the company's managers will unveil a “significant innovation” at the event, one that will address “the primary un-met need” in the vaping supplies market.

They will also discuss the new “heat-not-burn” segment of the industry, which includes their own product line. They will discuss the likely impact of the impending rollout of a new entry in that category, the “Revo” product announced by Reynolds for early 2015. Revo will be competing, of course, with their own new model, Model Two, as well as their existing product, Pax, so their comments will no doubt prove highly interesting. 

They will also discuss the impact of MarkTen and Vuse on the market, as well as the reverberations of the sale of Blu to UK company Imperial.

Founded in 2006 and based in Palo Alto, California, Ploom offers two models it offers as innovative products: its portable loose-leaf vaporizer, Pax, and its new heat-not-burn tobacco system, ModelTwo. Cohen also spoke on related topics at the E-cigarette conflab hosted by Wells Fargo last week, along with other regulatory commentators and industry spokespersons.

The “heat-not-burn” technology differs from other electronic cigarettes in that it involves not just nicotine-containing liquid, but actual tobacco. The tobacco is not ignited, however. When it is heated, it produces vapor without combustion.

Other topics they will cover include the proliferation of vape shops, the expected impact of potential regulations at both the state and federal levels, as well as the significance of the vaping phenomenon for the tobacco industry as a whole.

The conference call will take place at 11 am (11:00) on 16 December, 2014, and may be accessed by calling 888 713-4382 with the passcode 49480618. International parties may call 1-706 679-1220. Replay will be available from 2 hours after the event, for one week, by calling 855 859-2056 (US) or 1-404 537-3406 (international), with the same passcode as conference ID.