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Marathon Runner Vapes!

Jim Oliver ran the New York Marathon last November and vaped the whole way!

He got a few quizzical looks and questions along the way, but no opposition. The New York populace is not as accustomed to seeing mod vaporizers as the folks out on the West Coast, according to Oliver, so they were curious, but not hostile. Of course the whole outing was designed to showcase the benign character of electronic cigarettes, and in that it was magnificently successful, even if the City Council didn't notice.

Oliver has been a marathon runner for a long time now, since his youthful volleyball-team days. It's a family tradition, as his father ran marathons, which inspired him. He used to be an occasional cigarette smoker as well. Not hooked. Never enough to hamper his Phedippidean athletic activities. An occasional smoke over a cocktail with friends.

So Jim didn't seek out e-cigs as a way to stop smoking, since he never had a problem habit. He just likes them. It appears that Jim's girlfriend's parents discovered e-cigs when they wanted to quit, and he found himself in a vape shop one day. Bought a personal vaporizer and never looked back, according to the current edition of Vape News Magazine

In fact, Jim likes vaping so well that last Spring he opened the Steampunk Vapory Lounge in Tacoma, Washington, thus becoming an early entrant into the Vape Lounge craze that has been sweeping the country. Steampunk offers not only vaping supplies and a relaxed atmosphere for vaping, but also a menu offering entrees, wines and beers. And they have their own custom-made mods!

Jim Oliver, a lawyer along with his girlfriend, a fellow vaper, has also helped CASAA with lobbying efforts in Washington DC. “We were in a training session at a law firm that works within the regulatory sphere. Their firm represents smoke-free legislation.... It was amazing, and we met such cool people in the community.“ Just another indication that vapers do represent a community, one with growing political clout.

Jim plans continued work to raise consciousness and organize the vaping community. He is in favor of "mobilizing as many people [as possible] in a grassroots effort to convince people that this is technology, not tobacco," he says. "E-cigs are absolutely unique and there is no data saying they are hurtful.”

Vaping doesn't keep Jim away from the gym. “I vape just about every day," he says. "And, I still run and work out at least five days a week, and I feel great doing it.”

Not bad!