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Independent vapor companies sponsor World Vapor Expo

Miami's Convention Center will be the scene of the World Vapor Expo, June 6-8, 2014. Thirty-six vapor companies, and not a single Big Tobacco company, are listed as sponsors. (By contrast, the e-cig expo to be held later in the month in Nice, France, looks like it will be dominated by Big Tobacco.)

One of the program topics is Battery Safety, a crucial theme for consumers and manufacturers alike, what with the dangers to users, the legal liabilities to companies, and the bad publicity being generated by e-cig battery mishaps.

The Rebuild-able Tank and Mod Building class is sure to be a favorite. Such systems are clearly the wave of the future (as long as the regulators, especially in Europe, can be dissuaded from outlawing them), so construction techniques will be useful for vapers, vape shop owners, and just about everybody connected with vaping.

Another vital program topic is E-liquid Safety. With critics clamoring about children drinking the stuff, and about dangers of skin exposure, vaping industry personnel need to be informed about making containers child-proof, about making safety instructions clear, and about convincing the public that the product is safe.

Regulatory issues and Government Relations will be another program theme. Since the Expo's dates fall within the "Comments" period for the FDA "deeming regulations", this session will very likely generate important ideas for submission to the agency. For European participants the topic is equally important, and given the complexity of approving regulations in 28 sovereign nations, guidance through the regulatory maze will be welcome.

The topic of "Opening Vape Shops" will be covered – new ones are opening up every day all around the world. And "much more to be listed soon" trumpets the program announcment.

The first day of the Expo will be reserved for "Business to Business" (B2B) matters. Registered vendors and exhibitors will have a chance to exchange valuable contacts and information. Then the next 2 days, June 7 and 8, will be open to the public, giving customers, vapers, curious smokers, newbies, journalists, public advocates, and potential regulators the chance to try products, talk with industry personnel, and vape up a storm. (Miami has not banned public vaping, it would appear.)

Speakers and discussants will include Christian Berkey of Johnson Creek Enterprises (which produces Johnson Creek Smoke Juice), NJOY's Director of Government Relations Pamela Gorman, Dr. Joe Gerstein of Smart Recovery ("the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group"), and Nick Molina of the International Vapor Group (which produces 4 brands of e-cigarettes).

Late in the evenings, "Miami's hottest DJ's" will be featured, as well as a few invitational night club events. Participants are reminded to bring their sun-tan lotion. Additional tips may be available for those who "like" the event's Facebook page, as 593 have done as of 2 May.