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Glam rules at Vapestick

Actress-model Mischa Barton will be scouring Albion's isles for "the nation's most stylish e-cig vaper." A series of fashion events and festivals is planned as part of the "Vapestick Style Icon" campaign. The glamourous celeb is "really excited to be hitting the road" for Vapestick, her sultry eyes peering out from under the brim of a gaucho hat on the celeb site DigitalSpy, a stylish Vapestick balanced between her slender fingers. "One of my favorite things about the UK has always been the sense of style you guys have here," she says, sounding decidedly 'yanquis', "and it's exciting to see British street style now trickling up to the catwalk."

Rowena Shaftesbury (not her real name) agrees, as she pulls a Vapestick out of her copious bodice at Liverpool's trendy Va-Va-Voom Vapourium (not its real name). Shaftesbury's eyes gleam with anticipation as she applies Barton's shade of deep scarlet lip gloss, and then emits a cloud of caramel vapour toward her beau Trevor (not his real name), his copious haunches planted on the neighbouring barstool.

"It's brilliant!" she effervesces. "Lor' luv a duck, if I win this, my face'll be an 'ous'old werd," (not explaining how a face can be a 'werd') "on ev'ry bleedin' advert in the land."

Trevor nods assent, shifting his weight, and puffing out vapour. "Nooff sed," is his terse rejoinder. "Yer beauteous snotter's da gear," ['your lovely nose is most excellent']. "Now if yer can jus' get doon to 16 stone, m' dear!"

Do these Liverpudlian scousers have a chance? There will be two lucky winners of the coveted honors, which will include an award of £2000 and a photoshoot. It will be up to Mischa Barton to decide, after a rigourous search all over the isles. She whirls her stylish skirt at her own shoot, striking an insouciant pose.

"I had an amazing time at the shoot and I can't wait to find the most stylish people out there to take my place in front of the lens for Vapestick!" says the actress as she prepares for her tour.

Since its acquisition by Michigan-owned Victory E-cigs, and following on its daring "invasion" of the Russian vaping supplies market, Vapestick has sought a "glam niche" for its image in its British homeland. Co-founder Michael Clapper was named "President International" by his Board of Michiganders, and has also been designated Chairman of UK-based ECITA (the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association), Europe's leading trade group for vaping supplies. Another recent coup for the Michiganders is the alliance and investment support of Egyptian grocery chain firm Mansour, with its Metro hypermarkets and many other connections across the Middle East. The Grand Rapids Michigan area firm, now rechristened as the Electronic Cigarettes International Group (ECIG), is rapidly becoming a contender against Big Tobacco firms, which would seem to be a positive development for the independent vaping supplies industry and the vaping community.

The fashion tour will no doubt add to its luster.

As Trevor might say, "Dats ace!"