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E-cigars for golfers

Smoking and sports don't generally go together, but one sport that doesn't seem all that alien to the image of the smoker is golf. The cigar smoker anyway. One can imagine golfers tramping around the course chomping on a cigar. That may go part way toward explaining a startling new link-up in the vaping world – an alliance between an e-cigar supplier and a golfing chain.

Citizen e-cig eCigars is teaming up with Global Tours Golf to offer a smoke-free alternative in the cigar category to golfers, and to those who love them, world wide.

Headquartered in Vista, California and Charleston, South Carolina, Global Tours Golf has over 300 golf specialty stores all over the US, and supplies 2000 golf courses with golfing equipment. Its products are licenced to the NFL, the NBA, and the MLB among other sporting leagues. Since its founding in 1993, it has grown into a leadership position in the golfing world.

Now Citizen e-cig e-Cigars will be available in those locations. "This collaboration enables us to reach as many smokers in the golf world as possible to help them make the switch, Global Tour Golf is the perfect partner to make that happen," says Citizen e-cig founder and CEO Monica Ord.

Ord founded Citizen e-cig after her initial experiences in the vaping industry with The Safe Cig. She claims that the company's cigar products offer 1000 puffs before refilling/recharging. The firm already has distribution relationships with store chains Kroger, Ralph's, Bev Mo, King Soopers, and others.

Global Tour Golf's President Craig Pollard admits that he was skeptical at first, given that he is a two time cancer survivor. After giving the product to a couple of long time smokers, and noting that they were able to quit, he and his colleagues decided to go ahead with the agreement.

"Initial interest has been extremely positive," says Pollard. "I would recommend that every club get some samples and provide them to their members for a chance to try the Citizen products. . . . You may be helping a long time smoker get off tobacco."

Golf clubs may want to allow their members to use e-Cigars "during their after-round drink or card came without any concern of second hand smoke or smell issues," it is argued. Plus they can use them in the course of a game without worrying about "piles of ash near the tee-box or greens."

This kind of thinking may well prompt many cigar smokers to follow the vaping trend, expanding the circle of customers, and the circle of advocates, for the vaping industry. In the long run, this sort of thing could hasten the day when moderate regulation, rather than prohibitionistic strictures, will be applied to the vaping phenomenon.