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Book on Vaping May Be Postponed

The forthcoming book A Congregation of Vapers: The First Decade of Electronic Cigarettes may have to be postponed.

Publication was slated for December 2014 when the project was announced in early August, and prepaid orders were made available on the book's website, . The book was publicized in vape shops and lounges, and on websites relating to vaping. Unfortunately, there have not been enough pre-orders to permit full time work on the project, and at this point a December release date is unlikely.

Those who pre-ordered the book have already received the work's introduction  in .pdf format, and of course it is theirs to keep. Whenever the full volume comes out, they will receive it as previously announced. If publication is canceled, they will of course receive a full refund.

A crowd-funding campaign, entitled "The First Decade of Electronic Cigarettes", was also initiated in early August, and publicized in the same channels. This Kickstarter campaign was complete with rewards including t-shirts, visor caps, refrigerator magnets, or key rings, all sporting the campaign insignia, and with a top reward of a dart board sporting a photo of the supporter's anti-vaping activist of choice. The campaign was unsuccessful, however, and has been closed, unfunded. The intent to donate extra crowd-funding monies to research on vaping safety has also fallen by the wayside, alas.

One aspect of the crowd-funding campaign was to have been an auction of "Used Mods of the Stars". Several celebrity vapers were invited to donate their used personal vaporizers, equipment they would be throwing away, to the cause. An online auction of these PVs was to be held, in which crowd-funding supporters would be permitted to bid. Funds received from the auction was to be used to speed publication of the book, with surplus going to research.

There was not sufficient support, either from the vaping community, or from the celebrities, to make this event happen. The Kickstarter campaign was closed at the beginning of October. The pre-order website ( is still available, however.

It is to be hoped that the book will eventually be published. excerpts may appear in this column from time to time, as they are completed. Excerpts will also be sent to pre-ordering customers as well. Although there are many manuals, how-to-books, DIY materials on forums, on YouTube, and a host of websites, there is as yet no comprehensive book on the entire vaping phenomenon, in the context of the history of smoking and the development of the anti-smoking movement. There is a tremendous amount of published material on the controversies surrounding vaping, both pro and con, online and in print. A Congregation of Vapers, on the other hand, will step back and view the entire phenomenon in its historical and political context. It is hoped that the book will eventually see the light of day.