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A Vape-in for a Smoke-out

The great American smoke-out is fast upon us, and the American Vaping Association is taking advantage of the occasion to hold out an olive branch to the smoking cessation community.

The annual event is sponsored by the American Cancer Society, and is held on the third Thursday of November, so that it always falls exactly one week before that uniquely American holiday, Thanksgiving. It always gives some ex-smokers something to be truly thankful for, and this year many will be thankful that it provides an occasion to try vaping, a more successful aid to quitting.

According to the AVA website, the event is held in order "to motivate America’s 40 million-plus smokers to set a quit date and follow through. As part of the campaign, smokers are challenged to put down their cigarettes for a period of 24 hours."

Says Gregory Conley, the President of the AVA: "We are proud to join the American Cancer Society in promoting the Great American Smokeout. Smokers should be encouraged to take part in this valuable event regardless of the method they may choose to help them become smoke-free."

Of course there are those in the smoking cessation crowd who have not been altogether friendly to the emergence of the electronic cigarette as the quit method of choice for millions of ex-smokers. Conley's move is a superbly timed effort to demonstrate the fact that the vaping community and the vaping industry are not enemies of health advocacy groups like the American Cancer Society, but allies.

“For this year’s Great American Smokeout, the American Cancer Society should celebrate and congratulate the millions of ex-smokers who have successfully transitioned away from smoking thanks to vaping. Current smokers who have tried and failed to quit with traditional methods like the nicotine gum and patch should be encouraged to make the switch to vapor products today. Every smoker who switches to vaping is dramatically improving their health and achieving many of the policy goals of the American Cancer Society."

As more and more scientific studies are showing vaping products to be effective for smoking cessation, and as more vaping supplies companies and vape shops are stepping up to the plate and offering child-proof packaging, help with safe battery recharging, and self-policing on no sale to minors, it is time for health advocacy groups to leave their prejudices behind and join hands with vapers.

Says Conley: “Both the vaping industry and the American Cancer Society share the same goal — reducing and eliminating smoking. We are hopeful that the American Cancer Society will use this year’s Great American Smokeout to begin embracing the use of vapor products like electronic cigarettes by adult smokers.”


Hear. Hear.