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What You Need To Know About The Juul Device (and Alternatives)

What You Need To Know About The Juul Device (and Alternatives)

Launched in 2015, the Juul device is a small mod that changed how the vaping world looks at low wattage devices. While many of us enjoy powerful sub ohm devices, some vapers prefer a less intrusive vaping experience that allows them to satisfy their desire to vape without being the center of attention. Juul met this match with their first pod system device - inspiring a new wave innovation across dozens of vaping brands.

Previous to the Juul, if you wanted a small device you were limited to:

  • Cigarette-style Devices: These devices were the first type of vape devices to hit the market. Cigarette sized with a glowing light on the tip; these devices were designed to attract smokers, but there was one problem - smokers found the early versions to be highly problematic. They accepted spin-on cartridges that leaked all the time, they clogged often, and they were expensive. While people enjoyed the convenience, small size and the similarities to a traditional cigarette; there were many issues that made them less fit for long-term usage.  <
  • Pen-style Devices: These mods took cigarette-style devices to the next level. They offered better performance, longer battery life, the ability to use a variety of different types of juices, more power, and some even offered customizable settings and wattages. However, larger batteries mean larger devices. Unlike previous mods, these devices were longer and wider, and much less discrete. Vapers would push a firing button to activate vapor instead of taking a pull to fire, changing the overall experience.

Juul was able to create a new subset of lower-wattage devices that capitalized on the benefits of both of these types of devices. Pod systems like the Juul device are small and compact, easy to operate, and they allow you to enjoy an awesome vape experience without all the frills.

Why Vapers Love The Juul Device

When the Juul released, it took the vape scene by storm. According to Nielsen data, Juul currently owns around a third (32%) of the total e-cigarette market. With a pocket sized vaporizer and a few carefully formulated e-juice pods; Juul created a whole new way for vapers to enjoy their vaping experience.

What is it that we love so much about the Juul device? Here are a few things:

  • It’s easy to use: There’s no buttons or settings, no mess, and no screen. There’s no accidentally squirting vape juice all over the place. Just pop in a juice pod and you’re ready to go - wherever and whenever.
  • It’s familiar to smokers: The Juul device doesn’t use standard freebase nicotine liquid. Instead, it uses nicotine salts which are typically more satisfying to former smokers. Unlike normal e-liquids, nicotine salts contain other organic compounds outside of nicotine that are found naturally in the leaves of the tobacco plant. This gives them a more stable molecular makeup and provides a satisfaction similar to smoking a cigarette. Furthermore, since it’s activated by the pull as opposed to a button, the experience is more similar to smoking than using other types of vaping devices. For former smokers, this makes for a much easier transition into vaping.
  • It’s discrete: Some people like the spotlight. Sometimes you’ll see them in the corner of the bar or pub, blowing vape rings and doing jellyfish tricks. For others however, there is a clear benefit in being able to vape discreetly without drawing massive attention. The Juul gave vapers the opportunity to do so. Since it uses nicotine salt based liquid, users are able to get a satisfying and full hit without generating a huge amount of vapor.
  • It performs great: There’s nothing like enjoying your vape without worrying about your device leaking, or your cartridge clogging, or any of the other downfalls of previous low powered devices. The Juul device is a really solid device. It’s dependable, durable, and built to last; while still being affordable.

Making The Juul Device Work For You

Although the Juul seems to be “one size fits all”, there are a few things you can do to make the device performs perfectly for you. To get the best out of your Juul, consider these tips and tricks:

  1. Have A Juul Party: After taking a pull, give your Juul a shake and it’ll enter ‘Party Mode’. In this mode, watch as your Juul device lights up like a disco ball, giving you your own personal party wherever you are.
  2. Keep It Charged: Unfortunately, you can’t squeeze a huge battery into such a compact device - and small batteries mean a shorter battery life. Luckily, compared to many pod systems, the Juul battery lasts pretty long; but if you vape consistently, you may find yourself charging it once or twice a day. The good thing is, the Juul doesn’t take long to charge up; a dead battery can be placed on a charger for a single minute and give you enough juice to power though as many as 10-15 hits.
  3. Get The Perfect Pull: If you’re not getting as strong of a pull as usual, it may be due to trapped air bubbles in your device. Gently shake your Juul device to pass air bubbles and deliver the optimal hit.

The Juul Device Isn’t The Only Option

As great as the Juul device is, there are some downfalls. For example, Juul has a limited amount of flavors available and there’s only one available nicotine strength. Luckily, Juul is no longer the only manufacturer of pod style devices. A variety of brands now produce really awesome devices that some vapers prefer to the Juul device. If you want an awesome pod systems, but aren’t in love with the Juul, check these out instead.

1) Joyetech Exceed Edgejuul device alternative - Joyetech Exceed Edge

The Joyetech Exceed Edge has a solid aerodynamic chassis and a well-made durable body. The device offers awesome functionality, but still maintains the small shape and portability of other small pod mod systems. The Exceed Edge comes with a refillable cartridge that you can fill with whichever vape juice you prefer. One advantage it has over mods like the Juul device is that it allows you to remove and replace the cartridge coil head when it burns out. The device has a sturdy body, a 650mAh internal battery, and two smart LED lights that let you know when your battery needs a charge. Unlike other pods, the Joyetech Exceed Edge still has a firing button, which many vapers prefer since it allows them to preheat the e-liquid before inhaling. The Exceed Edge Kit contains the pod device, two EX 1.2ohm MTL heads and several spare parts. 

2) SMOK Rolo Badge

Owning a SMOK device is like being part of a special force of vapers, and with the SMOK Rolo Badge, you’ll be able to showcase this honor. A slim device that is easy to hold in your hand, the SMOK Rolo Badge is only 62g and has a battery capacity of 250 mAh. The Rolo Badge is offered in a wide variety of colors including Prism Black, Prism Gold, Prism Blue and more. When you’re sporting the badge, everyone knows that you’re part of the club of vapers that love high quality and won’t settle for anything less.

3) Aspire Breeze 2juul vape alternative - aspire breeze 2

When Aspire released the original Breeze, it changed the market - receiving high praise from vapers everywhere. The Aspire Breeze 2 is the follow up to this device, maintaining everything we loved about the Breeze, but with new features to make it even better. Unlike many other devices, the Breeze 2 offers both replaceable coils and an adjustable airflow. The Aspire mod offers both of best worlds - it’s capable of draw-activated firing but also has a firing button for those who prefer a manual activation. The Breeze 2 has a built-in 1000mAH battery and features micro USB charging capabilities.

4) Suorin Dropjuul pen alternative - suorin drop

The Suorin Drop is one the most popular pod systems, and one of the biggest competitors to the Juul device. With a squashed teardrop shape, this mod is has a standout design and a performance to match. It has a tight draw with a satisfying throat hit, and comes with a refillable pod that can be filled with whatever eliquid you desire. The Drop is one of the slimmest devices on the market with a depth of 12mm and includes a long-lasting 300mAH battery. It has a resistance of 1.3-1.4 Ohm and a quick charging time of only 45 minutes.

5) Smok Fitjuul starter kit alternative - Smok Fit

As one of the most innovative brands in the vaping market, there’s no wonder that SMOK would create a device that directly competes with the features of the Juul device - and some may say it’s even better. Super slim and compact, this 20g device includes a built-in 250mAh battery and a 2ml refillable pod. SMOK Fit available in a variety of awesome colors including blue, red and gunmetal. This device has been hailed as the perfect primary device for new vapers, and a super reliable backup device for more experienced vapers who usually use more powerful devices. It’s extremely easy to use too - just insert the FIT pod and you’re ready to vape!

Should You Choose The Juul Device?

In the end, no matter what vape device you choose, you choose it because it checks off all of your personal boxes. No two vapers are the same, and no two devices offer quite the same vaping experience. There are many things you should consider when purchasing a mod from the ability to refill the pod, selection of pre-filled pods, price of pods, battery longevity and more. Certainly, there are many advantages to the Juul device; but there are also advantages to the many other pod systems that have come out since the inception of the Juul. Want to check out more pod systems? We offer a full line of vaping systems from the world’s top brands in our Pod Systems store.