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Vaping Refined: The Best Portable Pod Mods

Vaping Refined: The Best Portable Pod Mods

Not a big fan of big beastly box mods?

Not comfortable blowing massive airy clouds of vapor over all your friends each time you take a puff?

Pod mods represent a more refined way of vaping. And with dozens of great high strength and nicotine salt-based e-liquids, pod systems can be just as satisfying as your favorite high-VG box mod.

Pod-based vapes are compact and discreet. They don’t bulge out of your jeans or otherwise draw too much unwanted attention when you’re out with friends – so they also make excellent supplementary side arms.

They’re incredibly user friendly as well. Even your parents – who struggle to use smartphones – could vape quite easily with a pod mod.

And they’re affordable – especially if you aren’t always tempted into buying the next big tank or coil set-up.

In this blog post we look at the best pod mods that money can buy.

Suorin Drop

Suorin Drop



Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price $23.99

You Save: $6.00 (20.01%)

The stylish Suorin Drop is one of the most popular pod systems on our website.

It is a small pod mod and it is refillable, which means that you can fill it up with your own favorite e-liquids instead of buying all your juice from Suorin.

Aside from the good looks, the best thing about this vape is the nice tight draw on it and the satisfying throat hit. The Drop will really hit the spot for former smokers, especially if you are using nicotine salt-based e-liquid.

JoyeTech Atopack Penguin

JoyeTech Atopack Penguin

Atopack Penguin


Looks like a penguin. Check. Vapes like a penguin. Well no, but it does have a huge 2000mAh internal battery and space for 8.8ml of juice in the refillable cartridges.

This is a bigger pod mod with specs that are comparable to some beefy sub-ohm box mods.

The advantage of a Penguin over a box mod is that it is much easier to use. And the intelligent airflow and coil arrangement makes for a great vape experience. And did we mention that lovely curvaceous bodywork (oh my).

Limitless Pulse Pod System

The ultimate in portable pod vaping. It’s sleek and modern looking and it’s shaped so that you’ll be able to slip it in your pocket without even looking.

This is a vape that works really well. Unlike some bulky box mods, it won’t leak juice all of you and make a big noise when you inhale. It has a straightforward design so that anyone can pick up and play with it.

The 380mAh internal battery will last all day and it comes with refillable 2ml pods that are nice and affordable.

Suorin Air

Suorin Air V2

Air V2


Manufactured by a company called Foxconn, which also makes Apple iPhones, the Suorin Air is an extremely compact all-in-one with smartphone good looks.

Height and width-wise, the Air is almost exactly the same size as a credit card. And at 8mm, this mod is just 0.3mm thicker than an iPhone. How’s that for portability.

Inside this small frame, they’ve managed to cram a powerful 400mAh battery and there’s space for 2ml of your favorite juice in the refillable cartridges.

Phix Vape

Major League Vapers Phix Vape Kit

Phix Vape Kit

Major League Vapers

When you mention pod mods to a vaper, there’s a good chance that they will think of JUUL straight away.

JUUL e-cigarettes caused quite a stir when they first came on the scene, but we think that these lookalike Phix Vape devices are much better.

The ultra-portable pen drive shaped mods are super easy to use and the manufacturer provides some great nicotine salt-based flavors. The Phix e-liquid cartridges aren’t technically refillable, but if you get creative there is a way to ‘hack’ them open – something which is very tricky with JUUL pods.

Sigelei Compak A1

Sigelei Compak A1

Compak A1


With an 1100mAh battery the Sigelei Compak A1 is another pod mod that’s on the larger side. It’s a perfect device for anyone upgrading from a cigalike device or someone that is trying to make the switch from tobacco.

A sleek box mod with a single fire button and a smart click-up inhale port, there’s not a piece of this mod that looks like it doesn’t belong.

The 2ml refillable pods are excellent too, giving you a nice smooth blast of vapor each time you inhale.