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Major Power: The Newbies Guide to Sub Ohm Vaping

Major Power: The Newbies Guide to Sub Ohm Vaping

As vaping has increased around the world, innovation has pushed vape mods from small low-powered cig-style devices to high power sub ohm devices. It’s not new for vapers to want to push the limits, and sub ohm vaping allows them to do just that. If you’re not familiar with sub ohm vaping, you’re in luck - we wrote this sub ohm vaping guide to teach you everything that you need to know!

Ohms and Ohm’s Law

Before we get to all the cool vaping stuff, we first have to cover some scientific basics. An “ohm” is a unit of resistance. Ohm’s Law states that there is a relationship between voltage, current and resistance. More specifically, Voltage = Current / Resistance or V = I/R. How does that relate to vaping? Basically, by decreasing the resistance (ohms) of your atomizer, more electricity will flow through it, changing the overall vape experience.

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

In it’s most simple definition, sub ohm vaping means vaping with a coil that has a resistance under one ohm. Conversely, vaping with a coil that has a resistance over one ohm is considered above ohm vaping

In it’s infancy, sub ohm vaping was mostly explored by vaping veterans who built their own coils and constructed their own devices. They figured out through Ohm’s Law that their mods could produce far more wattage and power if they lowered the circuit’s resistance (ohms). By using a rebuildable atomizer and building their own coils, they were able to blow bigger clouds and intensify their vape experience. These were the first sub ohm coils and sub ohm atomizers.

Today however, the market is very different. The popularity of sub ohm vaping has resulted in an explosion of new commercially produced and regulated sub ohm devices and sub ohm vaping kits in the vape market. Sub ohm vaping is no longer reserved just for experts, but is available to everyone through safe devices with advanced vaping technology and eliminating the need for sub ohm coil builds for most consumers. On average, commercial units range between 10 watts and 300 watts, although at least 30 watts is typically needed to sustain a resistance under an ohm.

Sub Ohm Vaping vs Regular Vaping

man sub ohm vapingThe main difference between sub ohm vaping and regular (above ohm) vaping is whether or not the atomizer’s resistance is above or below one ohm. However, in terms of the vaper’s experience, there are three major differences that come from the increased power of a sub-ohm device. These three differences and reasons why sub ohm vaping is popular include:

  • Bigger Clouds: If more power means one thing for vapers, it means bigger and more vibrant clouds. For cloud chasers, and those who just prefer more vape on each hit, the performance of a sub ohm device far exceeds the performance of an above ohm device.
  • More Flavor: More vape means more flavor. Since sub ohm vaping uses more vape juice than vaping at a higher resistance, sub ohm vapers are able to maximize the flavor on each and every pull. 
  • Warmer Vape: Sub ohm vaping means more power, and as a result, the vapor will typically be warmer than an above ohm experience. Commercial devices and tanks usually have ample airflow to ensure that the vape is not hot enough to cause discomfort, but instead, enough to make sure that each hit is warm and smooth on your throat.

Three Ways to Sub Ohm Vape

For those who choose to sub-ohm vape, an atomizer with a resistance under an ohm will be necessary. If you are trying to figure out how to sub ohm vape, there are three options available:

  1. Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs): In the beginning, if you wanted to sub ohm vape, a rebuildable dripping atomizer would have been your only choice. These atomizers allow vapers to build their own coil and wrap their own cotton. Instead of a tank, users would simply drip e-liquid onto the wick.
  2. Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs): RTAs are similar to RDAs in that they allow individuals to build and customize their own coils, but the coils are built within a tank so that dripping is no longer a requirement. Instead, e-juice is held in a small tank that gives a much longer vaping experience between juice refills.
  3. Commercial Sub Ohm Tanks: Commercial tanks make sub ohm vaping very easy. Since commercial coils are ‘ready-to-go’, vapers don’t have to build them or maintain them. Instead of screwing in a coil and wicking cotton through it, users can simply spin a commercial coil into the tank, fill the tank with vape juice, and begin vaping immediately.

Best Sub Ohm Vaping Mods

SMOK Alien 220w

SMOK Alien 200W Sub Ohm Vape

The SMOK Alien 220w is a great sub ohm vaping mod that offers a perfect balance between user experience and cutting-edge technology. With two 18650 batteries, the Alien delivers a full 220 watts of sub ohm power, with a host of user controls including temperature control and variable wattage adjustment modes. This device was designed to make things easy on the user - from managing settings to viewing the precise measure on each hit. With a small build of only 85 mm x 44 mm x 30 mm, this device has a minimum coil resistance between 0.1-0.06 ohms, making it a favorite amongst the sub ohm vaping community.

Max Power: 220 Watts

Battery: 2 x 18650

Price: $59.99

Buy SMOK Alien 220w Here!

T Priv Mod

SMOK T Priv Sub Ohm Mod

Another one of SMOK’s industry leading sub-ohm mods, the T-Priv features up to 220 watts of power in a small handheld size. The SMOK T-Priv combines ultra performance with a unique design concept. With a dual 18650 battery configuration, the T-Priv can operate with a temperature range between 200 and 600 F. This sub ohm device is available in nine colors and is the perfect mod for any vaper’s collection.

Max Power: 220 Watts

Battery:  2 x 18650

Price: $52.99
Buy SMOK T Priv Mod Here!

Vaporesso Revenger Mod

Vaporesso Revenger Sub Ohm Vape

Vaporesso is a leading vape brand, most known for it’s innovativeness in new functionality and design. The Revenger mod is one of their latest models, the most updated member of their 220 watt high performance generation. This device features Vaporesso’s Omni chipset and provides a wide range of features including intelligent wattage and coil resistance detection, customizable wattage curves, custom temperature curves in temperature control mode, and much more. The Revenger is perfect for vapers who want an affordable device that can give them huge clouds.

Max Power: 220 watts

Battery: 2 x 18650

Price: $54.99

Buy Vaporesso Revenger Mod Here!

Vaporesso Tarot Pro

Vaporesso Tarot Pro Sub Ohm Mod

The Vaporesso Tarot Pro is one of the most innovative-forward sub ohm mods on the market. Just like the Revenger Mod, the Tarot Pro is built with Vaporesso’s industry-advanced Omni Board. A great option for experienced and newbie vapers alike, the Tarot Pro delivers 160 watts of power and a suite of settings that allows you to find and maintain the perfect hit, every time. The Pro features Smart VW mode, which automatically chooses the output power that is most suited to the atomizer that you installed. It also features the TCR setting, which is an advanced feature that allows you to run temperature control mode with non-natively supported coil materials.

Max Power: 160 watts

Battery: 2 x 18650

Price: $53.99
Buy Vaporesso Tarot Pro Here!

Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen 3

Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen 3 Sub Ohm Vape

The third generation Reuleaux RX from Wismec is one of the highest wattage commercial devices on the market. This new generation mod brings a smaller, lighter and more compact design than the previous model, but still offers the same power and durability as the larger models. This newer release comes with a brand new interface and allows for firmware updates through a USB port. The RX GEN3 has a wide resistance range from 0.1-3.5 ohms and is powered through three 18650 batteries that ensure a powerful hit and long life between charges.

Max Power: 300 watts

Battery: 3 x 18650

Price: $54.99
Buy Wismec Reuleaux Gen3 Here!

Craving Vapor Hex Ohm 3.0

Craving Vapor Hex Ohm 3.0 Sub Ohm Mod

The HexOhm mod is a new powerhouse device, created by vaping legends Craving Vapor. This mod offers a new and improved look with redesigned internals and a refreshed outer casing design. The device’s new proprietary chipset is capable of handling 30 amps and 180 watts of output. The Hex Ohm’s casing is built out of Ultem, which is a highly durable polymer with a great finish and heat resistance.

Max Power: 180 watts

Battery: 18650

Price: $169.99

Buy Craving Vapor Hex Ohm 3.0 Here!

Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus

Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus Sub Ohm Vape

The Fuchai 213 was a remarkable device with a great reputation - but the Fuchai 213 Plus from Sigelei pushes the envelope even further. Instead of the original 213 watts displayed by its predecessor, the Fuchai 213 Plus delivers an impressive 223 watts of power. The Fuchai model is known for it’s preheat punch technology that allows for extensive customization of the device’s initial responsiveness. The Fuchai 213 Plus has a coil resistance range between 0.1 and 3.0 ohms, and a temperature range between 200 and 570 degrees. With upgradeable firmware, the Fuchai 213 Plus is a true sub-ohm device that is sure to satisfy your vape needs!

Max Power: 223 watts

Battery: 2 x 18650

Price: $54.99

Buy Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus Here!

Sigelei Kaos Spectrum

Sigelei Kaos Spectrum Sub Ohm Mod

The Sigelei Kaos is a futuristic device with a large suite of modern innovations that allow users to customize every feature. With a .96 TFT screen and a LED color band, the Kaos has a groundbreaking design that is visually compelling and unique. This device uses two 18650 batteries to push out extreme power, with 230 watts of intelligent, temperature control capable power. The Kaos’ chassis is made from high-grade zinc alloy, which provides both a lightweight body as well as a solid in-hand feel. This model has a resistance range between 0.1 and 3.0 ohms and a temperature range between 200 and 570 degrees.

Max Power: 230 Watts

Battery: 2 x 18650

Price: $49.95

Buy Sigelei Kaos Spectrum Here!

Tesla Steampunk Nano

Tesla Steampunk Nano Sub Ohm Vape

The Tesla Steampunk Nano 120W isn’t just a fabulous sub ohm mod, but is also a work of art - sporting a unique steampunk gear and cog motif on a durable zinc alloy chassis. The Steampunk isn’t just a beautiful mod, but also offers extremely competitive functions and features. Capable of providing up to 120 watts of intelligent power, the Steampunk Nano has a dual 18650 battery cell configuration and a resistance range between 0.1 and 3.0 ohms. If you’re looking for a unique but powerful sub ohm device, add the Tesla Steampunk Nano to your mod collection!

Max Power: 120 watts

Battery: 2 x 18650

Price: $49.95

Buy Tesla Steampunk Nano Here!

Sinuous P80 Mod

Sinuous P80 Sub Ohm Mod

The P80 Sinuous from Wismec is a compact sub ohm device that provides both power and performance. The P80 Sinuous provides up to 80 watts of power from a single 18650 battery. Built for discreteness, the P80 feels great in the hand and has an integrated fire button that is built for stealth. This model has a customizable LED that allows you to add a variety of colors to your device. The P80 has a suite of on-board safety features, and includes upgradeable firmware to ensure a positive vaping experience over the long-term.

Max Power: 80 watts

Battery: 18650

Price: $34.99

Buy Wismec P80 Sinuous Here!

Choosing The Right Sub Ohm Mod

There are hundreds of sub ohm mod options on the market today, and as vaping popularity continues to expand, this selection will increase. When you’re looking for the perfect sub ohm device, the most important thing is to know what you require for your ideal vape experience. If it’s about big clouds, find a device with a higher wattage capability. If it’s about long battery life, find a sub ohm device with multiple batteries. No matter what you need, there’s a device out there for you. Visit our vape mods store to find your perfect mod!

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