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Here Are The 13 Best Vape Tanks On The Market Today

Here Are The 13 Best Vape Tanks On The Market Today

With hundreds of vape tanks available on the market today, it can often be difficult to filter through less quality options and select the best vape tank. Here are's 13 best tanks currently available in 2019:

1. Aspire Cleito
2. Aspire Nautilus 2
4. Vaporesso NRG Tank
5. Kangertech Subtank Mini
6. Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTA V2
7. Geek Vape Peerless RDTA
8. Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Tank
10. Aspire Cleito Exo Tank
11. Twisted Messes RDA Squared
12. Sigelei Moonshot RDA
13. iJoy Combo RDTA II

When it comes to buying the best tank, a variety of factors come into play: affordability, resistance rating, delivery, tank capacity and more. In the following post we've updated for 2019, we want to tell you everything you need to know about vape tanks, introduce the different types tanks, and give you a few of our suggestions for the best vape tanks on the market.

Choosing The Best Vape Tank

Before we get into the good stuff, we need to cover a few basics. What is a vape tank? A vape tank is the component of the vape device that holds the vape juice and contains the heating element. In most cases, vape tanks are constructed of plastic, pyrex or metal (stainless steel and anodized aluminum).

Cartomizer, Clearomizer, or Glassomizer?

While each of these options have many similarities, there are also many variables that make each of them quite different. Specifically:

  • A cartomizer is a tank that has cotton within the tank to absorb e-liquid and make it available to be heated by the coil when the battery is activated.
  • A clearomizer has a coil, but instead of using cotton, they have wicks that absorb the e-liquid. Clearomizers generally have reservoirs that hold e-liquid so that vapers only have to refill their e-liquid after several hits.
  • A glassomizer is mostly the same as a clearomizer, except that the reservoir is made of pyrex glass and not plastic. Unlike plastic, pyrex glass won’t erode over time as a result of the acidity in the e-liquid.

Pre-Built vs Custom Coil Builds

Coils are housed in the vaping tank. Most major personal vaporizer brands offer pre-built coils for their brand’s tanks - making it simple to replace coils by unscrewing the burned-out coil and easily screwing in the new coil. However, some more advanced vapers prefer to self build their coils, and prefer a vape tank with a buildable deck.


Vaping tanks accept coils at specified resistance levels. A lower resistance level often means more vapor production, while a higher resistance level is best for those who prefer a more contained vaping experience. Those who vape at lower wattages are typically comfortable with a higher resistance level, while those who prefer sub-ohm vaping usually use coils with a lower resistance rating.


Airflow is an extremely important factor when it comes to choosing the best vape tank. The amount of airflow your vape tank allows can completely change your experience while vaping. Some people prefer a limited airflow that more resembles the experience of smoking, while others enjoy the smooth hit that comes with a maximum level of airflow. Less airflow also means more heat - the more airflow available, the cooler the vape will be.

Best Vape Tanks On The Market Today

Let’s face it. There are so many great tanks to buy the market today, it can seem almost impossible to narrow them down. However, our staff members are some of the most knowledgeable vape experts out there, so we asked them to present to us their favorite tanks. Here are the 13 top vape tanks in 2017 that were recommended by our staff members:

1. Aspire Cleito

Sub ohm vape tanks - Aspire Cleito The Cleito is an easily assembled and well-designed tank introduced by Aspire. The innovative design of this tank combines high-volume airflow for a top-of-the-line vaping experience. With its new airflow design, the Cleito frees up restriction and offers direct vapor delivery. Furthermore, the Cleito can be fully dismantled for super easy vape mod and tank cleaning. The Cleito comes in a full kit to make sure you can start vaping immediately, including a replacement pyrex tube, an extra atomizer, one vape band and four rubber cuffs. With the quality of products that this brand produces, it’s hard to believe that they’ve only been around since 2013!

Diameter: 22 mm

Tank Capacity: 3.5 ml

Price: $21.99

Buy Aspire Cleito Here!

2. Aspire Nautilus 2

What is the best vape tank - Aspire Nautilus 2 If you’ve ever had the privilege of vaping with an original Nautilus tank, it’s hard to imagine how it could be improved. However, Aspire has found a way to make the awesome Nautilus tank even more awesome with the introduction of the Nautilus 2. This vape tank incorporates an easy and secure top fill design, a completely turnable bottom airflow adjustment system, and a fully new design. With a shortened chimney, this tank is more compact, has improved airflow, and provides better flavor. The kit comes with a pre-installed 0.7 ohm coil and a 1.8 ohm replacement coil. The Nautilus 2 tank is constructed of lightweight anodized aluminum or rock solid stainless steel and glass. It is available in a variety of colors including stainless, red and grey.  

Diameter: 22 mm

Tank Capacity: 2 ml

Price: $27.95

Buy Aspire Nautilus 2 Here!


Best Vape Tanks - SMOK TFV12 The TFV12 Cloud Beast King is a revolutionary vape tank constructed of stainless steel and temperature resistant glass. Inclusive of the same groundbreaking features that made previous tanks so special, this model includes a new coil design configuration which includes up to 12 coils working together to provide extreme performance and flavor. The tank’s base has been adjusted to 22 mm with wider air slots that increase total airflow by over 30%. Like other tanks made by the brand, the TFV12 vape tank is built with SMOK’s signature top-fill locking hinge that makes refilling simple, accurate and easy. With its exceptional design and magnificent performance, the TFV12 Cloud Beast King is at the top of the list for awesome tanks!

Diameter: 25mm

Tank Capacity: 6ml

Price: $36.99

Buy SMOK TFV12 Here!

4. Vaporesso NRG Tank

Top Vape Tanks - Vaporesso NRG The NRG Tank is one of the newest sub-ohm tanks by the legendary Vaporesso brand. This specific tank comes equipped with a sliding top fill design, and offers an incredibly powerful performance. Additionally, the NRG includes a host of new features including a spit-back prevention drip tip and a heat insulating washer at its base. The NRG tank is compatible with any coil from Vaporesso’s impressive GT Cores series. Super durable, this tank is built from Pyrex and Stainless Steel, and is 510 compatible. The Vaporesso NRG Tank Kit includes everything you need to get going -- a 0.4 ohm GT 2 replacement coil, a 0.15 ohm GT 4 replacement coil, and a replacement glass section. If you’re looking for the best sub ohm tank for flavor, the NRG is sure to please.

Diameter: 26.5 mm

Tank Capacity: 5 ml

Price: $31.99

Buy Vaporesso NRG Here!

5. Kangertech Subtank Mini

the best vape tank - Kangertech Subtank Mini

The Subtank Mini is manufactured by Kangertech, and while it is small in size, it provides extraordinary performance. With a large tank that holds up to 4.5 ml, this tank acts like a sub-ohm dripper; allowing you to access the benefits of both vaping styles. The vertical sub-ohm coils are made from Japanese cotton and offer a bigger heating area and long coil life. The Subtank Mini ensures the purest taste and flavors, and vapor production that will satisfy both new and veteran vapers. Although smaller than many comparable tanks, this tank has some of the best vape tank reviews and is considered one of the best vape tanks in 2017.

Diameter: 22 mm

Tank Capacity: 4.5 ml

Price: $26.99

Buy Kangertech Subtank Mini Here!

6. Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTA V2

Top rated vape tanks - Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTA V2 Steam Crave introduces new innovation with the Aromamizer RDTA V2, which includes a liquid feed design that most resembles a dripping experience. While this mod tank is compact, it has a large juice capacity and a 2-post RDA style deck to simplify coil building. This product includes separate chambers, keeping your juice separated from your coils; ensuring that the juice always stays fresh in your mod. The Aromamizer includes Air Flow Control that improves the smoothness of the vape with either 2 or 4 adjustable air holes. With the awesome features this tank offers, it’s no surprise that it’s considered one of the top rated vape tanks.

Diameter: 23 mm

Tank Capacity: 6 ml

Price: $29.99

Buy Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTA V2 Here!

7. Geek Vape Peerless RDTA

Best vape tank for clouds - Geek Vape Peerless RDTA Geek Vape’s Peerless RDTA delivers incredible performance and customization. While it has the features of an industry leading RDA, it also sports the convenience of a reservoir. The build deck on this unit offers incredible flexibility for your coil build, and is strategically built above a liquid reservoir which carries a 4ml capacity. Built for high design and ease of use, the Peerless RDTA makes customizable vaping easy for both new builders and seasoned pros. Increasing its flexibility, the Peerless RDTA includes an adapter to make it perfectly compatible with both 510 and 810 drip tips. The Geek Vape Peerless RDTA tank kit includes a 510 drip tip and adapter, an extra 4ml glass tube, 2 pre built alpha braid coils , a ceramic single coil build adapter, an allen key, and several spare parts.

Diameter: 24 mm

Tank Capacity: 4 ml

Price: $29.99

Buy Geek Vape Peerless RDTA Here!

8. Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Tank

Best vaping tank - Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Tank The cCell Tank by Vaporesso is the first of it’s kind, utilizing a unique and innovative ceramic coil. This tank has dual adjustable airflow, holds 3.5 ml of eliquid and has a ceramic core for optimal performance. This high-quality and well-designed tank is constructed with stainless steel and Pyrex glass, ensuring the best durability. Furthermore, this tank features a self-cleaning platform that eliminates spick back and dry hits.

Diameter: 22 mm

Tank Capacity: 3.5 ml

Price: $34.99

Buy Vaporesso Target Ceramic cCell Here!


best vape tank 2017 - SMOK TFV8SMOK’s TFV8 is one of the most popular tanks on the market. The TFV8 offers a 6ml capacity and a major improvement in airflow; which provides increased production of vapor and a more pleasant inhale. The TFV8 offers many upgrades from the TFV4, including a 15% increase in the diameter of the internal chimney and a larger drip tip made of Delrin instead of metal. SMOK made sure to consider every aspect of perfected performance when designing this vape tank.

Diameter: 24.5 mm

Tank Capacity: 6 ml

Price: $32.99

Buy SMOK TFV8 Here!

10. Aspire Cleito Exo Tank

Best tank for flavor - Aspire Cleito Exo Tank At one point, the Cleito was an industry-leading tank; and while many brands and tanks have been introduced and have fallen off since, the Cleito still represents cutting-edge performance and quality. The Aspire Cleito Exo is built with the same quality you can expect from the brand’s other well-known tanks, but includes far greater features made for the modern era. The Aspire Cleito Exo features a 3.5 ml liquid capacity tank made of pyrex glass, with a metal hybrid body. Even more, the EXO features a wide bore drip tip and high performance ‘chimney-less’ coils. The Aspire Cleito EXO kit includes two replacement coils and a replacement drip tip. Whether you’re looking for the best tank for flavor or the best vape tank for clouds, the Cleito is an excellent option.

Diameter: 23.5 mm

Tank Capacity: 3.5 ml

Price: $22.99

Buy Aspire Cleito Exo Here!

11. Twisted Messes RDA Squared

Best vape tank for clouds - Twisted Messes RDA Squared Advanced vapers love the RDA Squared. This tank was developed after 8 months of intense research and features a two-post design with four individual post holes. With each hole measuring at 2.8mm in diameter, the RDA Squared can handle any build you can think of. With a split post design, this tank is extremely versatile in coil installation. This well-designed tank is the result of a partnership between the Twisted Messes team, and mod designer legend, Jay-Bo.

Diameter: 22 mm

Suitable For: Advanced vapers  

Price: $69.99

Buy Twisted Messes RDA Squared Here!

12. Sigelei Moonshot RDA

Best tanks for vaping - Sigelei Moonshot RDA

The Moonshot RDA has a vast set of awesome features, making it a favorite among RDA lovers. At only 42mm in overall height, this tank includes dual air tubes inside the chamber and holds 2ml of vape juice. The Moonshot has a two-post build deck and adjustable airflow to ensure the builds and allow for the smoothest vape hits. With four juice channels and two 3.3mm juice holes, the Moonshot tank was made to withstand even the most viscous e-liquids. If you love vapor production, the Sigelei Moonshot RDA is one of the best tanks for clouds.

Diameter: 22 mm

Tank Capacity: 2 ml

Price: $21.39

Buy Sigelei Moonshot RDA Here!

13) iJoy Combo RDTA II

What is the best vape tank - iJoy Combo RDTA II The iJoy isn’t like your normal and everyday rebuildable tank, it was designed with the ability to completely switch the build deck with a variety of available options. This ability gives vapers maximum flexibility and allows them to choose the configuration that best suits their coil build. The “Clamp-Snag” system used in this device includes a large knurled thub screw with a single slot on each post - this means you can adjust your coils without bringing out your tools! Furthermore, the iJoy Combo RDTA II includes a 6.5 ml vape juice capacity and a mess-free side filling system. The RDTA II tank kit includes a pre-built coil, Ultem wide bore drip tip, a replacement glass section, a single coil build adapter plug, a mini screwdriver and a spare parts kit.

Diameter: 25mm

Tank Capacity: 6.5 ml

Price: $31.99

Buy iJoy Combo RDTA II Here!

A Final Word on Vape Tanks

Of course, just because our staff loves a certain vape tank doesn’t mean it will be totally right for you. To most accurately decide which tank is best vaping tank for you, it’s important to know what type of vaping experience is best for you, and then find a tank that meets those requirements. If you didn’t find your perfect vape tank on our staff’s favorite list, no worries, we’ve got dozens of other options in our Vape Tank store. What are you favorite tanks? Tell us about them in the comments below!