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Cheap E Liquid: Top 10 Juices for Vapers on a Budget

Cheap E Liquid: Top 10 Juices for Vapers on a Budget

For some of us, it seems that the best flavored vape juices are also the most expensive ones. Although some vape enthusiasts may keep a large collection of flavors from the most premium vape juice brands, some vapers are more budget conscious and just want a good cheap e liquid that they can vape on a daily basis without breaking the bank.

Unfortunately, vaping is big business. Like any other industry, premium and quality come at a price. There are many cheap flavors available, but let’s be clear, not all cheap e juice is good e juice. For most, “cheap premium vape juice” is an oxymoron. The clearance rack at your local vape shop is definitely not a place to find exotic juices that are going to knock your socks off. When it comes to cheap e-liquid, finding the BEST flavors can be a challenge. We’re going to make it easy for you and give you the top e-juices of 2017, that are under $15 (for 30 mL).


Coconut Peach Strawberry by


Priced at only $8.99 for a 30 mL bottle (in a four way tie for the cheapest e liquid on this list), this blend is a favorite among the budget vape juice crowd. A combination of vine-ripened strawberry, coconut and juicy peach, this selection is awesome for a day in the sun, or as a daily vape choice. A popular flavor, CPS is complex and refreshing without the compromising “mouth feel” on the inhale.

Buyer Review: “If you like coconut, and let's face it lots of people don't, this flavor is delicious. Summery & fruity with creamy coconut.”

Buyer Rating: 4.5/5.0

Price: $8.99 (30 mL)

Buy Coconut Peach Strawberry Here!

Drama Swirl by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Drama Swirl Cheap E LiquidThere aren’t many great dessert flavors at a budget price, but Drama Swirl by Charlie’s Chalk Dust definitely makes the list. A classic, buttery golden pastry glazed with sticky apricot jam. Charlie’s is known for an awesome range of cozy flavors, inspired by simple, traditional desserts and treats.

Buyer Review: LOVE this stuff. The apricot blends so well with the pastry. Neither overpowering the other. Just simply good.

Buyer Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: $12.99 (30 mL)

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Strawberry by Vubble

Vubble ejuice cheap

There’s nothing funner than a great bubble gum flavor. The team at Vubble have perfected the craft of capturing these flavors in vape form. The theme of this flavor is strawberry flavored bubbles. Vubble backs up their flavors with a dedication to quality, using USP-grade VG and PG, and NicSelect, the very best vaping grade nicotine.

Buyer Review: “Strawberry bubblegum was a childhood favorite. This juice is just like it. every vape it reminds me of childhood memories going to the gas station up the road to buy gum, candy, and drinks. I recommend this juice to all bubblegum fans.”

Buyer Rating: 4.5/5.0

Price: $8.99 (30 mL)

Buy Strawberry Here!

Brazzy by Numskullz

Brazzy cheap e-juice

A unique flavor of blue raspberry hard candy. An equal amount of sweet, tart and tanginess, and a perfect candy choice for a low budget liquid. An excellent fruit and candy based flavor from the geniuses at Numskullz.

Buyer Review: “Great tasting, would recommend to everyone!!!”

Buyer Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: $12.99 (30 mL)

Buy Brazzy Here!

TR4 Blu by Taffy ManTR4 Blu cheap e liquid

This cost affordable flavor will make you feel like a kid in a candy store. A soft and sticky taffy flavor infused with the fresh taste of blueberries. Made with the highest quality blueberry extracts for a strong and memorable flavor.

Buyer Review: “I have tried ALL Taffy Man and I love them all (well except for the strawberry not a fan of that one) but this one - Tr4 Blu - is my absolute favorite!! I bought mine from my local vape shop and this one is so popular that they can't keep it in stock!! This is a definitely a "MUST TRY" it is perfectly blended and tastes amazing!!!”

Buyer Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: $10.99 (30 mL)

Buy TR4 Blu Here!

Grape by Vaping.comGrape vape juice cheap

The perfect combination of tart and sweet. A true grape, not that imitation grape flavor that other brands try to get away with. Juicy and refreshing, and full of flavor. Nothing over complicated here -- just an awesome grape flavored e juice at a great price!

Buyer Review: “This is so tasty!”

Buyer Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: $8.99 (30 mL)

Buy Grape Here!

Dream Creme by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Dream Creme cheap ejuiceDream Creme makes the list with a rich vanilla cream e liquid, that has slight hints of fudge and notes of cinnamon. Inspired by traditional dessert flavors, Dream Creme offers several awesome flavors at an affordable price.

Buyer Review: This blend has always been my favorite! I always make sure I have at least 3 or 4 bottles reserved if it ever stops being made since it's very hard to find in my area!!

Buyer Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: $12.99 (30 mL)

Buy Dream Creme Here!

Watermelon by Vubble

Vubble Watermelon e juice cheap

You’re never too grown up for the fun taste of bubble gum. Vubble presents anotherbubble gum classic with this watermelon-themed option. A fun and quality taste without the premium price tag.

Buyer Review: “As a kid I loved watermelon gum. This juice reminds me of blowing bubbles as a kid and I love that the Nic level is so low.”

Buyer Rating: 4.5/5.0

Price: $8.99 (30 mL)

Buy Watermelon Here!

Cali Colada by Liquid State

Cali Colada cheap e liquidA complex but incredible flavor, Cali Colada combines the tropical flavors of pina colada with ripe and juicy mango, sweet pineapple, and a hint of guava. Like taking a vaping summer vacation, at an ultra affordable price.

Buyer Review: Bought this juice for my girlfriend. She has fallen in love with it. She said it has the perfect blend of coconut and pineapple. I get my hand popped if I even touch the bottle, so I think she really likes it.”

Buyer Rating: 4.5/5.0

Price: $10.99 (30 mL)

Buy Cali Colada Here!

Bubble Pop by Motley Brew

Bubble Pop Cheap E LiquidMotley Brew introduces a bubble gum flavor that is sure to bring back memories of your childhood. A ripe strawberry and kiwi combination, Bubble Pop gives your taste buds a kick. This flavor also includes just a hint of watermelon and a drop of lemon lime, making it one of the top cheap eliquids.

Buyer Review: “This is my favorite e-liquid I've ever tried. The smell/taste is sweet and slightly fruity, but it's subtle and not at all overwhelming. I'll be buying more for sure.”

Buyer Rating: 4.5/5.0

Price: $10.99 (30 mL)

Buy Bubble Pop Here!

Other Ways to Save on E Liquid

If none of these choices fit your “vaping profile”, then a more premium choice may be necessary. Luckily, there are many ways to save a few bucks when buying e-juice. Follow the tips below to make your premium vape juice selection as cost affordable as possible.

    1. Buy Vape Juice Online - Your local vape shop probably has some really great flavors, but shops are known for incredible markups on their vape devices and e liquids. Before making a purchase at a vape shop, check with your favorite online vape juice supplier to see how much they charge for the same selection. It’s not uncommon to see a difference of 25% or more on most juices.
    2. Always Check Discounted Items - New e liquid flavors are released frequently by some of the top brands. As a result, when new popular flavors are released, online suppliers often try to reduce their inventory of other flavors from that brand by discounting them. Make sure to check prices often, as you may find your favorite flavors on sale right when you need them!
    3. Look for Free Shipping Opportunities - When you’re searching online for cheap vape juice, free shipping opportunities can help you save drastically. Most suppliers won’t offer total free shipping, but may offer free shipping if you purchase over a certain dollar amount., for example, offers totally free shipping on any order that exceeds $25. Buying a little more to meet the shipping requirements is an easy way to get cheap e liquid with free shipping.

As you can see, there are many great cheap e-liquid choices even for the cost conscious vaper! Cheap e liquid doesn’t have to mean weird flavor combinations or low-quality flavors, but choosing the right cheap vape juice is key! Vape on!

If you are unsure what strength of e liquid to use, check out our article on vaping nicotine levels.

What’s your favorite cheap e-liquid flavor under $15? Is there a great cheap vape juice that we missed? If so, tell us about it in the comments below!