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Buying Your First Box Mod? Here’s What You Need To Know

Buying Your First Box Mod? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Box Mod vs Vape Pen

If you’re new to the vaping world and searching for your first box mod, things can get confusing pretty quick. You go to buy your first device and come across terms like personal vaporizer, mech mod, unregulated box mod, pen style mods, and more. You go to buy your first bottle of juice and you have a million different flavors and a wide range of nicotine levels. Box mods can be pricey in some instances, and when buying your first one especially, you want to find a box mod option that is really going to satisfy you, and one that you will appreciate over a long period of time. To help you learn about box mods and make sure that you make the right selection with your first mod, we’ve created this Box Mod Newbie Guide. By the time you get through this guide, you’ll know exactly what a box mod is, how a box mod works, and will be able to decide which box mod will most ideally fit your needs.

What is a Box Mod?

Before you choose a box mod, you first have to know what a box mod is. Furthermore, to really understand what a box mod is, it’s best to go back to the beginning of the e-cig and vape mods scene and see how box mods were first introduced. The vaping world began with small and low-powered tube-shaped e-cigs and mods that resembled cigarettes. These e-cig devices accepted disposable cartridges that would have to be replaced once they had run their course (which seemed to happen very quickly). Some people enjoyed these models, and while they did grow quite rapidly in popularity, there were many enthusiasts who really desired greater performance from their vape mods. Buying Your First Vape Box Mod - Man vaping with pen style device

Next, came the pen style vaporizer. These e cigs and mods, while still pen shaped, were much longer and wider than the cigarette-style devices. They had larger batteries, which meant more performance and longer life between charging. Since mods are relatively simple in their construction, innovative vape users started modifying devices to make them more powerful and give them better production potential. Using all types of household items from Altoid cans to handmade wooden boxes, these early mods set the stage for the commercially produced “box mods” that are popular today.

In the most simple terms, a box mod is a form of vaping device that has a box shape as opposed to the traditional or pen-style cylinder shape. New vape mods are much more complex, including large screens and circuit boards that allow for a variety of functions and increased control of each vaping experience when compared to the original box mod style.

Box Mod vs Vape Pen

If there is one advantage of a pen-style device over a box mod, it would likely be its small size and discreteness. However, a great number of vape users prefer the benefits of a vape box, regardless of their larger and more irregular size. Although a box vape mod is seemingly less flexible than a cylinder device, the box shape provides for several features that vape pen mods cannot provide, such as:

  • Longer battery life: Box mods have more internal space. This means that a greater number of batteries can be included. Many commercial box mods accept one or two batteries, while a larger 18650 box mod may accept up four. More battery power results in higher wattage capability, longer life of the device between charges, and a much greater box mod performance.
  • Better cloud production: The increased wattage and performance of box mods gives the advantage of more vapor production per hit, and thus, bigger clouds! Early pen style devices were known for their low wattage and minimal vapor production. Today’s sub-ohm vapor box mods can reach wattages up to 300w and produce clouds that can fill a room in two vape hits. Box mods are perfect not just for cloud chasers, but also regular vape enthusiasts who prefer a better control of how much vapor is produced on every hit.
  • Better control: Newer commercial box mods are built with sophisticated circuit boards that give users the ability to manage a number of settings to make the device work best for the user. The top box mods allow users to learn exactly what their specific vaping preference is, and set their vape mod to provide an ideal hit, each and every time.

Regulated Box Mod vs. Unregulated Box Mod

Regulated circuit boards do more than just allow the user to control the device better, they also ensure that the box mod e cig won’t fire in case of a malfunction. Vape mods that include these circuit boards (personal vaporizer mods) are referred to as regulated box mods. New users buying their first box mod (and many experienced users) typically prefer these mods since they don’t have to take on the responsibility of monitoring the device for safety themselves. Some vapers however, prefer to have more control over the actual construction of their devices and choose to build their own vape box mod - unregulated mods.

These box mods are simple in construction, and are built with just a battery, an atomizer, and some type of housing to contain the components. Since these devices are unregulated box mods, there is nothing to prevent them from firing in case the battery is defective in any way. These mods however, can be built with almost an unlimited number of batteries (how many can you fit in a housing?) allowing mech mod users to really trick out their device’s production - far more than is possible through a commercially produced personal vaporizer.

Features of a Regulated Box Mod

Over the years, the chipsets that control regulated box mods have improved drastically. Today, many commercial e cigs and mods provide advanced controls, including:

  • Safety features: Regulated mods have internal regulations to ensure that devices don’t misfire. Mechanical box mods, on the other hand, sends a raw battery voltage to the atomizer without a specified level of resistance. With an unregulated box mod, a low ohm coil combined with a non-compatible battery can lead to failure, without any safety measures to stop it from happening.
  • Temperature Control: Many new box mods allow for easy temperature and wattage control. By simply changing their settings, users can enjoy a variety of vape experiences and have the ability to increase/decrease the power of their device during usage.

Best Box Mods for Beginners

First time buying a mod box? With so many devices on the market, it can be hard to decide where to start! For first-time mod buyers, here’s three good box mods we recommend.

1) SMOK Alien Baby AL85

SMOK Alien Baby AL85

Alien Baby AL85


Regular Price: $49.99

Special Price $46.99

You Save: $3.00 (6%)

The Alien Baby AL85 is a super compact 85 watt device this packed with the most up-to-date features and functions. At only 71 x 28 x 27mm, this Smok box mod is super compact and is offered in a variety of unique colors including strawberry red, metallic rainbow, silver, and champagne gold. The AL85 has a full range of on-board features, such as temperature control; and hard, soft and standard modes. This box mod kit includes a TFV8 Baby Beast Tank, which holds 3ml of liquid. The device is powered by a 18650 battery and accepts 7 different coil styles to tweak the Baby Beast to perfection. Customer Review: “Great little mod, fits perfectly in the hand. Very good for people like me that want to just vape and not have any of the unnecessary complications. Super simple to ue, just turn it on and set your watts. Love it!” Coil Resistance: 0.4 ohms & 0.6 ohms Max Power: 85 watts Buy SMOK Alien AL85 Here!

2) Kangertech Topbox Mini

Kangertech Topbox Mini

Topbox Mini

The Topbox Mini is the perfect starter kit for new vapers, as well as for those looking for an affordable cloud-producing experience. This device is fires up to 75 watts and supports temperature control with nickel, titanium, stainless, and Ni-Chrome wire. The Topbox Mini kit comes along with the Toptank Mini, a 4ml tank that supports the new SSOCC atomizer heads and allows for more airflow and better vapor production. The Topbox Mini is one of the few vape boxes that can satisfy the needs of both new vaper and experienced vape users. Customer Review: “This mod is of decent size and easy to carry. I bought one of these in every color available. The top fill design on the tank is a real plus. This mod is just a little bigger than the Kangertech Nano styled mod. This mod has temperature control which is a big plus. You have all the features you need to vape the way you want to. The top tank holds a nice amount of vape juice so you don’t have to refill as often as you would with the Nano.” Tank Capacity: 4ml Max Power: 75 Watts Buy Kangertech Topbox Mini Here!

Best Box Mods for Power

Looking for a personal vaporizer device that packs a mean and powerful punch? Here are our suggestions for the best box mods for power lovers:

1) G Priv V2 Mod

SMOK G-Priv V2 Mod

G-Priv V2 Mod

SMOK redesigned and overhauled their original G-Priv device with the G-Priv 2. This device has been completely upgraded, the result being an incredible mod that reaches the threshold of technical perfection. With 230 watts of power capability, the G-Priv 2 is approximately 15% smaller than the original version and 10% lighter. This Smok box mod has a 2 inch 200 PPI touchscreen and a wide range of features including a carbon fiber battery cover, full-length firing mechanism, dedicated screen lock button, temperature control capability and more. Customer Review: “A really cool device. I’ve never used a high watt device, but I’m glad I chose this one to start with. Smooth vaping and huge clouds.” Max Power: 230 watts Buy SMOK G Priv V2 Here!

2) Wismec Predator

Wismec Predator Kit

Predator Kit


Regular Price: $69.95

Special Price $58.95

You Save: $11.00 (15.73%)

The Wismec Predator is a discrete device that carries a powerful punch. Able to power up to 228 watts, this device houses two 18650 batteries and has a USB connection so that firmware can be upgraded. The Predator kit includes the Elabo tank, which can hold 4.9 ml and run coils at both 0.2 and 0.25 ohms. With a high power, the Predator is the perfect device for both beginners and experienced users who prefer a strong vaping experience with giant cloud production. Customer Review: “I love this mod! It’s small and comfortable in the hand, but still durable. The display gives me all the info I need and the design is incredible. Produces some huge clouds and great flavor.” Tank Capacity: 4.9 ml Max Power: 228 Watts Buy Wismec Predator Kit Here!

Best Designed Box Mods

Want a high-quality device that really breaks the mold in design? Here are a few of our favorite well-designed box mods.

1) Sigelei Kaos Z

Sigelei Kaos Z Box Mod

Kaos Z Box Mod

The Sigelei Kaos Z Box Mod is a highly innovative mod that was produced to display the variety of design possibilities with modern vape technology. The Z Box has transparent side panels to show the inner workings of the device. Through these translucent panels, users can see the board’s circuitry and an array of color changing LEDs that give off a variety of lighting effects. The Kaos isn’t just a well-designed device, it’s also high powered; providing up to 200 watts of temperature controlled power. It’s 0.96 inch TFT display provides real time information and allows users to set the mod box to their preferred specifications. Customer Review: “There isn’t much I can say against the Kaos Z. It’s simple and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The LED and mirror screens gives this mods it’s own look. It’s a powerhouse if you rig it correctly. I love it!” Battery: 2 x 18650 Max Power: 200 watts Buy Sigelei Kaos Z Here!

2) Tesla Steampunk Nano

Tesla Steampunk Nano 120W

Steampunk Nano 120W


Regular Price: $54.99

Special Price $49.95

You Save: $5.04 (9.17%)

Teslacigs has raised the standard of design with the release of the Tesla Nano 120 Steampunk Edition. With a zinc alloy chassis, the Nano has a steampunk-inspired design and a number of awesome vaping features. With up to 120 watts of temperature controlled power, the Steampunk Nano is equally balanced in it’s design and performance. This device has incredible power, with a resistance range between 0.1 - 3.0 ohms. Additionally, the Steampunk boxmods have customizable firing parameters and memory for three profiles. Customer Review: “Puts out very good power. Is easy to use and has an extremely beautiful design. Its creative design is the reason I bought this mod in the first place!” Battery: 2 x 18650 Max Power: 120 watts Buy Tesla Steampunk Nano Here!

3) SMOK Veneno Box Mod

The Veneno Mod is considered as the Lamborghini of box mods. The Veneno has seven LED lights that can be customized to change color, flash and light up when you inhale. This mod is packed with custom features, a wide menu section and a 1.3 inch high-definition OLED screen. With variable wattage and temperature control settings, you can set this mod to fit your exact vaping style. This mod draws 225 watts of power and uses two 18650 batteries. If you want a luxury vaping experience, the SMOK Veneno was made for you! Customer Review: “The SMOK Veneno is one of the best mods I have purchased so far. It delivers huge clouds with a smooth flavor, and the LED lighting features are amazing!” Max Power: 225 watts Buy SMOK Veneno Mod Here!

4) Tesla Punk Mod

Tesla Punk Mod

Punk Mod

A steampunk inspired model, the Tesla Punk Mod is a powerful and beautifully designed device that packs some impressive features. The Punk’s design is completed with a series of red, white and blue LED lights that can flash in a variety of user chosen patterns. The Punk accepts two 18650 cells that can power up to 220 watts. Everyone knows Tesla as the innovators among innovators, and they succeeded again with this incredible device! Customer Review: “I absolutely love the ‘steampunk’ design! I’ve been using this mod for about a month and it’s awesome. It’s built solid and it works perfectly. It’s a little heavy as my traveling vape, but perfect for when I’m at home.” Max Power: 220 watts Buy Tesla Punk Mod Here!

5) Voopoo Drag Mod

Not only is the Drag Mod a pleasure on the eye, but it also contains the GENE chip; the most advanced technology on the vaping market. One of the features of this chip is “Super Mode”; a mode that automatically kicks in at 130 watts to smooth out your hit. This allows you to take in bigger clouds without a harsh throat hit. The mods settings can be highly customized using the VooPoo PC App for Windows. With 157 watts of power, this mod is perfect for new and advanced vapers alike. These complex features are all housed in a one-of-a-kind housing that is designed with a beautiful resin panel in a series of unique colorways - giving it a personality unlike any other device on the market today. Customer Review: “I bought this mod a few months ago and it’s held up great! I’m very pleased with this mod. Voopoo stepped up their game with this one. The colors pop and it’s really unique. Nothing bad at all to say about this device.” Max Power: 157 watts Buy Voopoo Drag Mod Here!

Choosing Your First Box Mod

Now that you know what box mods are and how they work, and have a few suggestions on some of the best box mods on the market, it should be much easier to make a decision on which mod is right for you. The first step to buying your first mod, is knowing what you want from your mod.

  • Do you want a small device that can easily fit in your pocket? Look for small box mods with big performance.
  • Do you want a high wattage device that delivers extreme power? Look for the most powerful vape mods.
  • Is affordability the most important factor for you? Look at vape mods under $50.

Just remember, the better that your device fits your needs, the more likely you will be to stick to it for the long term. Do your research and check out reviews before making your purchase. Vape on!