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Best 200+ Watt Vape Mods

Best 200+ Watt Vape Mods

As the technology improves and discerning vapers demand better devices, box vape mods are getting increasingly powerful.

Today, there are dozens of devices breaking the 200 Watt barrier. But this can cause a problem for power junkies.

How do you know which box vape mod is best for low resistance, high voltage, big cloud vaping?

At we want to help all our customers get the best kit to suit their needs.

Relying on our second-to-none industry knowledge and customer feedback, we try to make sure that we always have the best products in stock.

So here is our pick of the top 200+ Watt box mods on the market today.

SMOK G-Priv V2 Mod

Maximum power output: 230 Watts

SMOK G-Priv V2 with smartphone good looks

SMOK is always refining its products - making small changes to build on the mod’s best qualities. One of the best examples of this product evolution is between the original G-Priv and the G-Priv V2.

The second generation mod is a little smaller, so it’s easier to carry around. And the giant 200 PPI touchscreen is a massive improvement.

Cloud chasers will be pleased to learn that SMOK also managed to add 10 extra Watts of power with the V2.

The wattage/temperature control device is really simple to use and the chip has a good range of protections. Oh, and did we mention that it looks great?

SMOK Alien 220W

Maximum power output: 220 Watts

One of our most popular mods, the SMOK Alien 220W

One of the most popular high-powered mods on our website, the Alien 220W is always getting five-star reviews.

SMOK has managed to squeeze every last drop of juice out of two 18650 batteries, to give you ultimate power. And it’s smart power too.

The Alien 220W has a temperature control feature between 200 and 600°F and the firmware can be upgraded by plugging the mod into your computer.

One of the main reasons why the Alien 220W is so popular, however, is because it slips so easily into your pocket. It’s a real space saver that won’t bulge when you wear slim jeans.

You can buy the SMOK Alien Mod as part of a starter kit with a powerful TFV8 Baby Beast tank.

Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Mod

Maximum power output: 300 Watts

Serious power in the three battery RX GEN3

Now we are talking about serious power. The Reuleaux RX GEN3 uses three batteries to deliver up to 300 Watts of power.

The most powerful vape on our list is the third mod in the popular RX series.

It is leaner and more ergonomic than its two big brothers. But this bad boy mod is every bit as powerful.

It looks mean as well. With a shotgun barrel aesthetic and black, grey and luminous green colorways – the Wismec mod is like something you would expect to use on a shooting range.

Vaporesso Revenger Mod

Maximum power output: 220 Watts

Revenger, when you don't want to choose between beauty and power

Another lifetime member of the 220W club, the Vaporesso Revenger is all about power and style.

It’s really is a thing of beauty, with an attractive casing that draws your attention to the large 0.91” OLED screen bang in the middle of the mod.

The Revenger is intelligent as well. You can customize your wattage curves and temperatures curves to increase or decrease how hard the mod fires.

You can also adjust the puff feel and enable a bypass mode, which lets you use the mod as an unregulated device – ideal for some power vapers.

Sigelei Kaos Z Box Mod

Maximum power output: 200 Watts

Watch how its made with the Kaos Z Box

Something a bit different from Sigelei - a mod that looks like a cross between a PC gaming tower and a Transformer (the robot kind not the electronic circuit kind).

The side panels on this mod are actually transparent, allowing you to see the inner workings of the chipset and the battery compartment.

And what inner workings it has. The Z Box mod packs some serious muscle – drawing up to 200 Watts of power from dual 18650 batteries.

Cloud chasers will be pleased to hear that this thing packs an immediate punch. A bit like you would expect from a mechanical mod.

Tesla Punk Mod

Maximum power output: 220 Watts

Punks vape

A steampunk-inspired 220 Watt mod from Tesla (the vape company not the electric car people).

The obvious place to start with this mod is the unique styling on the exterior. The brushed metal casing really does look like it could conceal a throwback steam engine.

It’s a robust piece of kit as well. The buttons are all big and satisfying to press and depress. And if you dropped it by accident the cosmetic damage would be minimal.

It’s not all about looks and build quality though. With a variable wattage output range of between seven and 220 watts and a temperature control range between 200 and 600°F, the Punk doesn’t lack for power.