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Shayne C. Gad, PhD

Overview/Toxicological Considerations

  • femmelady

    It may be because you need to change the cardo...this happend to me when I first started vaping, no one told me that the cardo needed to be changed every week or two. Also remember to prime the cardo with your juice

  • Cigargirl

    i do so !

  • disqus_elIa1dQehb

    I just started with a Blu starter kit two days ago, and I have NO idea what kind of "juice" y'all are talking about. It came with no bottled liquid.

    In addition, it seems I'm recharging these components constantly! Come winter, which is right around the corner, I know I won't be willing to schlep out to the car and use the lighter to recharge. Isn't there a more convenient way?

    Gotta say, I'm pretty unhappy with "vaping" so far.

  • spicy_pants

    Please tell me you didn't just recommend smoking a real cigarette to relieve the symptoms. Oy!

  • Joe Chang

    Vapor is pure nicotine, smoke contains oxidized nicotine which is much more potent and tasty. That’s the top reason for why so few smoker converted to vaping.

  • Julie Miller

    What you said her makes sense. And before coming to this site, I've actually done this. But I have to say, I'm 53... Been consistently smoking since I was a teenager....I bought my vaping stuff this past Tuesday night. I had one pack of unopened cigarettes and I Just finished the last one this morning....THATS PROGRESS FOR ME!!! Usually...1 pack to 2 packs would've been gone in a is Friday...I'm NOT saying I'm quitting, although that is the goal, but for now, I'm committed to slowing down/cutting back....when I no longer feel the need to buy a pack of cigarettes....Then people can say I've Quit....

  • Robert Flavell

    Hi, have been vaping for some time now and have suffered with sore throat, hoarse sounding voice and redness of my face from time to time. I now make my own liquid which not only saves me a lot of cash,
    but after a few hours of experimenting with different strengths l now have no problems at all. I bought the following liquids, propelyne glycol (VG), aquaeous glycerine (AG), flavor concentrate and 72 mg nicotine. Too much nicotine, mixed at 18 and too much flavor were the problems. I now mix the following ratio for a 10 mil mix. 4 mil of AG, 3 mil of VG, 1.5 mil of flavor and 1.5 mil of nicotine. This gives a strength of 10.6 which I find o.k. I was vaping 18 and this was also making me light headed when I stood up. All these problems have now gone. After mixing your liquid it needs to steep for a week or so with a shake every day so keep a reasonable stock in your draw. I use 30 mil easy squeeze plastic bottles and keep a rolling stock of 4 bottles (120 mil). Get your fluid mix right for you before you stock up. Also make sure to buy your liquids from a good supplier, even if it costs a little more than some of the cheapos that are around at the moment. AG and PG need to be PH standard (pharmacy) and needless to say the nicotine needs to be of a good standard. Check on line for good reviews or find a local supplier. Myself I tend to shy away from eBay.

  • David N. Latimore

    When starting out, many vapers simply aren't aware that inhaling vapor is very different from smoking an analog cigarette. If you take a deep, full draw on a vapor cig the way you would from a cigarette, you are sure to experience a tingling or burning sensation in the back of the throat and in the lungs.

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