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Maciej Goniewicz, PhD, PharmD

Toxicants in E-Cigarette Refill Solutions and Vapor

  • dopeywilliams

    the lid to my atomiser will not screw on properly so when press button get no vapour

  • Dan

    From the Best ecig for new users page "We have a number of links in this page so that, if you decide that a KR808, a 510 or an eGo is right for you, you can be taken straight to a reputable vendor in your area."
    Were are thes links?

  • Guest

    i think ive put to much oil into my was working, now it just makes a gurgling sound and it puts out no there a way to partially drain the oil from it??

  • smokerPaul

    I have an eGo-u electronic cigatatteb and my question is how long does the battery take to charge?

  • Richard zeng

    Disposable E-cigarettes are cheap. Rechargeable E-cigarettes are the most selection for smokers for they can be recharge the battery. eGo is the most popular E-cigarette with people. Because the eGo can be reused and refilled various liquids.If some parts are unworked, they can be replaced.

  • Jennifer

    I just started vaping and I have a Vision Spinner 1300 mAh battery and a Kanger ProTank-II with a (medium nic, 50/50 blend) blue raspberry liquid. I like the fact that I can change the voltage of the battery, however, I am really struggling with always feeling the need to cough!! I have heard that you are supposed to pull a longer, slower draw on the e cig but I am trying and it doesn't seem to be helping... Can someone give me some advice about this, or maybe do I need to try an all VG liquid? Thanks!

  • lioness726

    I am still looking for a section that SHOWS you how to refill the Clearomizer with e-liquid.. I've been looking on different sites for 2 days, & my e-cig is still empty!! HELP!!!

  • Jessicah

    I was wondering if vapor stains your teeth?

  • redfury

    I have an ecig and want to try the liquid instead but I'm confused as to what I'll need, help?

  • peggylp

    my fireball juice has gone milky and thick. is there a way to fix it ?

  • Renee

    Beginner and loving it! Purchased an EGO kit with a Vision Spinner battery. Only problem no instructions! Do I turn off battery to charge or leave on and turn up? At first I actually didn't care for it now I can't stand the taste of a cigarette. Within a week I've quit smoking without even thinking about . Amazing inventions have researched online everywhere for help with battery info. Please help thanx

  • Ron Lattig

    I am a beginner and so far so question is that my dad says there are metals in the ecigs that are just as bad for you as smoking? he said nickel and cadium and a few other metals. Is this true or just a myth? Also I need to find me a supplier or a group that can help me get supplies cheap as I am on a fixxed income?

  • krisjay

    There are alot of reviews(subjective and relative, of course), and alot of how to videos on youtube, great stuff to look at for the beginner like myself. Save yourself alot of headaches, and hopefully learn something.

  • GUNNY1968

    What is the diff. in ohms???.......And what does diff ohms. do???? thanks...

  • MiMi

    I recently decided to go back to vaping again a quite smoking once and for all.
    I took the time to read a bunch of reviews from a few sites and pic the best product.
    I am so stupid.
    I did not realize most of those "review sites" are all paid advertisements. I have now spent almost $200 on a mediocre product (when it works) from a absolutly horrible company.
    This company is so bad that you would think I was exaggerating if I told you the details.
    How could I be so stupid. Two of my new homemade e juices just finished seeping and I am stepping outside for a cigarette because I have a $200 paperweight.
    My budget, ego, and trust took a massive hit and now I feel broken.
    Any suggestions on honest companies review sites in g cig world?

  • Andrew Lou

    Nice guides, just get the first kit in my life from