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Unholy Trinity: Public Health, Big Tobacco and regulation – a rational way forward As a new regulatory environment emerges, now is the time to reflect on the role of public health and to explore the disruptive effect that e-cigarettes have had and how the right regulatory environment could harness a new opportunity to end the smoking epidemic.

Panel debate 3: Depauw, Gray, Cheeseman, Etter, Bates, Dockrell, Ross ecigsummit2014 0 Comments

Regulating E-cigarettes to achieve the best Public Health outcomes Setting the regulatory bar – Getting the balance right Product choice – how important is this to users and what does this mean for Public Health Does use of e-cigarettes in open public places re-normalise smoking behaviour and glamourise addiction Should flavours be banned or restricted to limit their appeal to …

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Developing standards to ensure consumer and public confidence in product safety A look at the process underway for developing a “Publicly Available Standard” (PAS) for E-cigarettes; what this will include and how this can be used by industry and government to develop a responsible market and address standards for measuring toxicity and emissions.

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Product diversity and user behaviour – patterns of use, diversity of products and the different players that make up the e-cigarette market Understanding users behaviour. Emerging product trends and players in the e-cigarette market. Exploring the dilemmas that the tobacco industry’s involvement presents to the public health community

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Listening to Service Users – a perspective from a Stop Smoking Service Sharing experience from an e-cigarette survey with lifelong smokers and how service user feedback influenced service development. The session will explore the opportunities that e-cigarettes could offer in improving health outcomes and the role that Stop Smoking Services can play in reaching marginalised families.

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Permitting or prohibiting vaping – ingredients for developing a policy The CIEH present their experiences of working with Local Authorities to develop appropriate “vaping” policies and explore the objections and concerns they encounter and talk through the considerations and context to harness the opportunities that e-cigarettes could offer. What are the concerns and what should be considered?

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Clinical trials of E-cigarettes: potential for harm reversal and risk reduction Clinical trials allow for another level of understanding of e-cigarettes in terms of physiological and subjective effects on the user. Physiological Effects will be illustrated in healthy users and in those with medical conditions. Commonly reported negative and positive effects of e-cigarette use will be discussed including adverse effects, …

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Cochrane review of efficacy of E-cigarettes for smoking cessation and harm reduction Prof Hajek will present the Cochrane report on the efficacy of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation and discuss the implications for policy debates on e-cigarettes and harm reduction. Cochrane Reviews are systematic reviews of primary research in human health care and health policy, and are internationally recognised as the …

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A chamber study of second-hand E-cigarette “smoke” – preliminary results An experimental chamber methodology for the investigation of the ambient transformation of the physical and chemical characteristics of particulates from e-cigarettes. The presentation will explore how e-cigarettes compare to previous chamber experiments investigating other common indoor and outdoor pollutants and the results will be presented alongside other published work and …