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Yes, Apple just banned vaping, but no, Apple is not making a vape!

Yes, Apple just banned vaping, but no, Apple is not making a vape!

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Oliver Kershaw

Oliver Kershaw

Founder of and co-founder of

As reported widely last week, Apple has told a British vaping website, Planet of the Vapes, that no more apps or app updates relating to vape will be allowed on the App Store.

Apple is known for its opacity when it comes to its business decisions, so don’t expect any explanation or justification for this.

Around the same time, news broke that Apple has patented a “vaporizer”. You can look at this patent elsewhere. This led many people to put two and two together and impugn a highly anti-competitive motive: Apple bans vape apps then moves in with its own iVape to corner the market. After all, is this the kind of thing Apple would do?

Well, maybe but of course, this isn’t what’s happening at all. Firstly, as Macobserver sleuth, Jeff Gamet, has shown that the application most likely relates to manufacturing processes. This is the type of thing the named inventor does (google patents is good for finding this out). So, it’s business as usual. Apple’s not releasing a vape kit.

It’s anyone’s guess why Apple have chosen to ban vape from the app store. Most likely it’s down to the still-poisonous politics of vaping in the US, along with horrible offerings such as “Vape Master”. It wouldn’t have taken much from someone anti-vaping to nudge Apple, perhaps pointing out that vaping is now considered to be a tobacco product by the FDA (not very fair on Europeans, of course, for whom vaping is not considered a tobacco product by their regulators).

One thing’s for sure through this: Apple doesn’t care about the health of its consumers. For all the talk about connected health devices, the fact that they won’t support alternative nicotine products speaks volumes about the ethics of this deeply cynical company.

This is madness. Smokers moving onto non-smoked nicotine products will create far more societal health improvements than a bunch connected heart rate monitors ever will.

  • Bonnie

    As with everything in corporate America, there's a financial reason for it. Likely pressure/kickbacks from big tobacco and big pharma.

  • John B

    I'm not at all sure what a vaping app is- do you mean things like resistance calculators for building coils or concentration calculators for mixing liquids?

    EIther one seems fairly inoffensive, except insofar as nic concentrations via juice calculators could open someone up to liability if they screwed up somewhere.

  • Scott Harvey

    So...let me get this straight. Apple offers more health-connected apps than Googdroid, but does not care about their user's health...did I get that right? Heart disease is less of a concern than nicotine addiction...did I get that right? Don't get me wrong, I vape, and love vaping...but this is pure stupidity, not from Apple, but from Flame on people, it's the internet, and whilst I do not agree with this cybervomit, I will defend it's right to exist and infect the minds of the pudding headed readers here.

  • Karen Fletcher

    Are they sure it was the ecig and not the phone in their ear?

  • GeorgeJ1952

    A little off topic, not about Apple but about vaping...
    Smoke Juice that has Propylene Glycol in it, drys up all the saliva in your mouth. When that happens, tooth decay explodes. I started vaping in 2012, and used juice with Propylene Glycol. It is not as thick as juice made with Vegetable Glycerin, VG blows out your atomizers faster. But I kept getting headaches and finally figured out that it was the PG, so I switched to VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and had no headaches after that.

    BUT, I went to my dentist for my 6 month checkup and the x rays showed that I had 4 cavities that were all in between the teeth. I also had to have two root canals done. My dentist told me that they see this alot in people who get dry mouth from medications, no saliva in your mouth means a much bigger chance for cavities. He also said that he was seeing more people who vaped juice with Propylene Glycol in it that also had more cavities than people who also vaped, but the juice with VG only did not get dry mouth and therefore no cavities.

    I have seen many comments online from people asking if other vapers got dry mouth, so this is a problem. I am NOT saying anything like "stop vaping". No way am I stopping to go back to smoking, no way. But I am making a suggestion to maybe try the 100% Vegetable Glycerin instead of Propylene Glycol. It is a small price to pay for more atomizers than you do with using PG in your juice, to keep your teeth healthy.

    Just a suggestion :)

  • huckjam

    Who cares, apple is garbage. It's devices are locked down crap for people who need training wheels because too many options might confuse someone. They limit everything so the dumbest among iOS users can still understand while not caring that people who aren't retarded may want to make their device do something that should be very simple if you have a brain. All this while being 3 times the cost that it should be. Get a device that isn't a locked down to a single app store controlled like a dictatorship by a bunch of hipsters worshipping a guy in a turtle neck.

  • Nicol Jacobs

    I think this article was poorly written. Apple maybe didn't want to be liable in any way for a third party's device. I don't blame them! There are a lot of cheap and imitated batteries out there and idiots who chose to remain ignorant to safe use. They don't hate vapers. They don't not care about us. They just don't want to be held liable for an app that they didn't develop setting off some third party device by accident and being partially liable for it. Stop trying to say a company doesn't care about our health when they contribute millions in money and numerous donations of all kinds to humanity. I vape and if I were apple I wouldn't want someone who I've never met creating apps that control a device that has potential if thermal runaway if I didn't produce it and create the app. Period.

  • Don

    Who in their right mind still uses a mech mod they are antiques and if you do then learn about batteries and fuses. This moron got what he asked for. As for apple your company died 20 years ago.

  • Marijuana Union we off gas tested our vaporizers for hazardous fumes at a FDA approved lab.. expect more regulations to come from the FDA , they realize this is a business and they are going to try and tax the shit out of everyone.

  • Redmatt76

    Here's the link to planet of the vapes with apples response to them about banning update. Nothing to do with mod safety. They wereally got at by big pharma/tobacco.

  • Talis

    And there are those that think Apple is progressive.

  • Peter Shukin

    The entire point of it is lost. Vaping is to get smokers to stop smoking, and save millions of lives. I smoked for 40 years, vaping saved my life. Apple doesn't have a dam thing to do with it. Vaping is 100% safe with proper education when selling the equipment, and it will stop you smoking for good.

  • Peter Shukin

    Also, about 2% of the population have an allergy to PG. The answer, use only VG based eliquids! I had a friend who was so allergic to PG, he ended up in the hospital. I mixed him up some VG only stuff, he's been good since. Oddly enough, most hospitals add PG to their ventilation for antiseptic purposes.

  • Red Vape E-liquids

    This isn't really a big surprise, vaping is being demonised in the US and their are a horrendous set of new rules coming into the EU markets. Big brands such as Apple are taking what they view as the safe option and distancing themselves from vaping.