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USA sees the biggest drop in smoking for decades

USA sees the biggest drop in smoking for decades

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Oliver Kershaw

Oliver Kershaw

Founder of and co-founder of

The CDC announced today that the United States saw (pdf) last year the biggest drop in smoking among over 18s since 1992.

Sounds like good news, right? Actually, when you consider the potential health impact of the decline from, say, TDOV (The Dawn of Vaping) in 2009 (20.6% of all adults), to now (15.1%), it's somewhat staggering, especially when one looks at the years of stagnation prior to the end of the decade.

Smoking Rates USA to 2015 Smoking Rates USA to 2015


It looks now like adult smoking targets may join youth smoking targets as two of the few Healthy People 2020 goals that will actually be achieved.

So, is vaping responsible? Well, probably, after all, what else has been done? In the UK public health bodies are now actively calling for smokers to be encouraged to migrate onto vaping.  Yet US Governmental agencies persist in causing fear and uncertainty, and the FDA is bringing in regulations which will prohibit companies from telling the truth about their products and eradicate most of those currently on the market.

Fears about teens experimenting with vape and migrating onto smoking in adulthood are clearly not being realised. There's zero indications of health problems being caused by vape products, and adult smoking is plummeting.

Just what the hell is going on? Are we witnessing huge public health malpractice, the likes unseen since the "light cigarette" fiasco, which public health were so instrumental in creating?

And, why's this not being screamed from the rooftops? Nothing in today's NYT, nothing on CNN, nothing from any of the mainstream press.