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Enemies of Vaping - Logic Ecigs

It's tough at the top - well, a few steps down the pecking order, but Logic certainly are not short of a few dollars. During yesterday's (painful to watch) Senate Committee, former Altria executive Mr Martin took the timely opportunity to remind people how responsible he is.

However, rather than lead the industry from Logic's privileged positon, Miguel Martin purports to represent an independent, responsible company, while in reality attempting to stop everything successful the industry has become, because he has made no effort to understand it:

I would support and we would support a ban on candy or youth-oriented flavor profiles 

His time near the top is probably limited, but maybe he doesn't see this, or maybe he does - it's pretty clear to me however, that he would like to be the tobacco industry. This is after all the industry he knows inside out, and the reason he would be an attractive hire for Logic in the first place, (unless I'm overlooking a history of visionary product development and public health expertise.)

Mr Martin (not a vaper himself,) is seemingly oblivious that in this scenario the Tobacco industry and other big independent names have moved on to better, more satisfying products, and here's the rub, that vapers might want to use. V2, Njoy, Blu & BAT have all anounced new products based around flavored eliquid and tank systems, because they know the product they currently sell isn't producing the required results, and even these companies, with all their might, risk being left behind if they don't adapt.

And, even more importantly, they have stopped lobbying against flavors and online sales bans. Mr Martin and Logic (a company still happy to lie to their customers by using outrageous equivalency claims) are an increasingly lone industry voice in opposing the needs and wants of vapers. But what else can they do other than stick to their guns if they don't want to drive the industry.

The protectionist experience of from Mr Martin's former employer is where his real skill is, and that is all this performance was about.

Rather than develop his company from a great platform, he prefers to try and stall the industry, unaware how far it has moved on. No doubt feeling commercial pressures like never before and hoping that the last refuge of regulation will give Logic the bright future (and payday) he so desperately wants.

You won't see Mr Martin alongside the ten thousand vapers at the World Vapor Expo in Miami or the Vegas Vape Summit, I'm sure he has no idea they even exist. You will however see all the other big names, because developing and selling products that people want to use is a fairly fundamental principle for a successful business.

Not for Mr Martin and Logic though, he thinks he knows something we don't. After many years working at Altria he probably does, especially when it comes to currying favour with senators - but he's not in the tobacco industry now and he doesn't know vapers.

To quote Greg Conley (AVA):

Miguel Martin clearly has zero regard for public health... Instead of fearmongering about flavored vapor products, maybe Martin should go back to selling cigarettes

Even if he gets his wish, the millions of visitors to ECF, the crowds in Miami, Vegas and everywhere else, online and off, know Logic didn't stand up for them, and there's no way back from that, even in a consolidated, regulated market.