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7 Reasons why smoking is better than vaping

7 Reasons why smoking is better than vaping

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Oliver Kershaw

Oliver Kershaw

Founder of and co-founder of

1. Smoking is everywhere

Run out of your favorite smokes? Chances are a re-up is only 5 minutes away. Heck, even pharmacies sell cigarettes - you try picking up your favorite vape from Walgreens. I’m right, aren’t I? It’s an easy life being a smoker. Until it kills you.

2. Smoking is easy

What’s to know? You put it in your mouth, set fire to it, take 12 puffs and you’re done. Vaping, not so much. let’s face it, there’s a learning curve to most vape that simply doesn’t exist with smoking. And do you know when to change a coil? Do you know when you’re done vaping? Isn’t having yet another thing to charge irritating? Smoking is really easy.

3.  Smoking is cool

You might think you look awesome vaping. Hey, maybe you do! But the reality is that vaping is not now and will never reach the glamorous heights that smoking once did. From the 40s to the 80s everyone smoked - movie stars, musicians, philosophers, artists and accountants. Arguably, smoking was the coolest thing that everyone did. Even now despite all the “denormalisation” of smoking, the reality is smokers deep down have a romantic attachment to their habit that will never exist with vaping.

4. Smoking kills

Oh, yes, it does. This one will pull out the cranks who say it doesn’t, but smoking really does kill. It kills lots and lots of people. It’s probably the most dangerous consumer product available: certainly on a population level it creates more harm than any other product sold. OK, so we we don’t know the absolute safety of vape yet, but we do know, without a shadow of a doubt, just how dangerous smoking is.

And this is a good thing! Why? Well, typically smoking kills people when they’re old. You don’t spend the final 10 years being a burden on your family, on welfare systems. Your pension provider will love that you smoke, your life-insurance provider will charge you a fortune for it. Sure, before it kills you it will damage your skin, make breathing harder and cause all manner of other health complaints, but just think of the good you’re doing society by shuffling off early.

5. Smoking is addictive.

So, this might not benefit you personally, because you’re addicted and probably find that a bit challenging. Oscar Wilde had a different way of thinking about this, though, which may or may not help: “a cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure”, he wrote, “it is exquisite and leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want?”

For most smokers, the addiction part is something we can do without. But for the tobacco companies and anyone with their stock - phewie! there’s some revenues! What could be better for making greenbacks than a cheap plant, rolled into tubes and sold by the container load? Oh, I know, a cheap plant, rolled into tubes that hooks approximately 50% of people who try it.

Shame it kills (although see number 4). Is vaping addictive? We don’t have a good answer to this, but smoking surely is.

6. Smoking is social!

“excuse me, could I borrow a cigarette?”

“oh sure, when you going to give it back?” - and a billion variations thereof.

We’ve all been there. Smoking is, at its core, deeply social. It’s a sociality facilitated by the easy donation of a smoke from the possessor to the bereft; the transaction lubricated by the shared outsider experience of what it is to be without a smoke.

Does this work with vape? Well, yeah, but in a really clumsy way that depends on several variables: is it just some liquid you’re after? Do you need to borrow my power bank? You need a piece of kanthal or cotton? You want to actually use my actual vape and you don’t have alcohol swabs? Get knotted.

7. Smoking tastes like smoking

OK, so your mileage many vary on this one as to whether you think this is a good thing. But only smoking tastes like smoking. There’s loads and loads of tobacco flavor vape out there - and some of it’s really good -  but it is nothing like smoking at all.

So, if it’s the original you’re after, you need to stick with smoking.

Yes smoking may kill you, yes smoking’s expensive, yes smoking makes you smell, yes it is absolutely disgusting in every way possible, but I’ve just given you 7 solid reasons why it beats vape.

  • Leo Nicholson

    Also, a shorter retirement period can offset losses in retirement plans and smoking also serves to keep pesky people away during your dotage.

  • Bill Richards

    Who is the Joker, I quit finally, because I know I have very little time left if I had not. I tried all manner of ways to quit without success, I have Vaped for over 3 years and help others to do the same, I really do not find the taglines funny though as some people do not realise it is a joke.

  • Bob Bridges

    I would still smoke if I could afford it. I have enjoyed and loved it since I was 14 and am now 74. Unfortunately my pension would not support it so I gave up 5 years ago and took up vaping which as you say can never be a substitute for the weed! I may or may not be alive now but apart from getting diabetes in the 1970s, I have been reasonably healthy never developing a cough though a bit short of breath when I gave up! Though I must have smoked between 20 and 40 fags a day at different points in my life. Since giving up, my lungs are much clearer and I am not short of breath any more though I still need my fix of nicotine! Though the above blog is a sarcastic look at smoking cigarettes, there are some of us who really did enjoy tobacco and only gave up because of the horrendous taxes.

  • zarathustra2k1

    4+ years in here & have tried two roll-ups in that time. Both tasted disgusting & made me stink. Much prefer my 'Jam-on-Toast' vape to smelling like a used ashtray all day long.

  • Zep

    One thing for sure, smoking cigarettes cant beat smoking weed, so you lose there even if you can come out with 100 reasons. As for Vaping, it's a total new kind of concept and it's not smoke. Smoking and Vaping is totally different you can't compare because Vaping doesn't produce Smoke but vapor. I'm afraid your sarcasm about smoking doesn't work on me.

  • Bobww 9

    #8 Smoking Aroma
    You can smell smokers and any enclosed place where smoking is allowed.
    #9 Smoking Cleanliness
    After smoking you can use the world as your ash trey when appropriate.

  • Roberto S

    I disagree on the alarming note of your "smoking kills" statements, but I don't want to get into an argument on this. Let's agree that cigarette smoking is not healthy.

    One important correction to your texts: you equate smoking with smoking cigarettes. However, while cigarettes are more widespread, they are not the only "combustible" tobacco product, we also have pipes, prime cigars and the Arab water pipe (which is not really combustible). Smoking tobacco in any of these products WITHOUT INHALING is a lot less harmful than cigarette smoking. I have collected tons of epidemiological studies that show this, as well as studies that lie and spread disinformation on pipes. cigars and water pipes, just as there is a lot of studies that spread lies and disinformation on e-cigs and snus. A lot of official medical research on tobacco is merely anti-tobacco advocacy, not really science. We all know this.

    Now, when comparing smoking tobacco with vaping you should include the other products. The mechanics of vaping resembles much more the mechanics of pipe or water pipe smoking than the mechanics of cigarette smoking. A cigarette is a disposable item, you smoke it and you throw away the butt. A pipe (or a water pipe) is very different: it is a "device", it costed more than a penny, you don't throw it away after smoking it, you keep it and give it maintenance as best as you can. The same goes with vaping gear: it is a devise that you use to vape, you keep it and give it maintenance. The difference is that wood and water pipes are "traditional" devices or artcrafts, whereas the e-cig is a "techo" style devise (I am not assigning any derogatory meaning to the term "techno").

    Once you understand all this, you have a better understanding of the differences between vaping and cigarette smoking. In a sense, those who shifted from cigarette smoking to vaping underwent a similar experience as shifting from cigarette smoking to pipe smoking, with the difference that pipe smoking with smoke inhalation is as harmful as cigarette smoking, while inhaling the e-cig vapor seems to be (as far as we know) completely harmless.

    I inhaled my last cigarette in 1983. I was a 2 pack a day smoker and 3-4 times a year I had the nasty experience of simple colds turning into full bronchitis. There were no e-cigs at the time and I disliked chewing tobacco, so I shifted to smoking pipes and cigars without inhaling and in moderation. I have done this for the last 33 years, with an interim period of 10 years smoking cigarettes occasionally without inhaling. Now, I also vape, my vaping experience was very easy and pleasant precisely because it looks like smoking a sort of techno pipe,

  • Deborah Greene

    Hillarious, I have to share this one, three yrs vaping , never smelled better

  • sudon't

    "Is vaping addictive?"

    I do have a good answer to that. It's not smoking, or vaping, that's addictive - nicotine is addictive. It doesn't matter how you get it into your system, (except in terms of health).

    You also seem unsure about the safety of vaping. Let me reassure you that, in spite of the disinformation campaign being run by the anti-smoker movement, vaping is quite safe. You only have to educate yourself a bit about how a proper study is done, (or perhaps how an improper one is done), to be able to sort through them, and learn to read between the lines of the weasel words anti-smoking activists use. Also, read Jacob Sullum and Michael Siegel.

  • http://www.E-Cigarette-Forum.Com Oliver Kershaw

    OK, to eliminate any confusion, this is a tongue in cheek article. It's not a "joke" per se, rather an ironic look at those elements of smoking that are superior to vaping. That's not to say I think smoking is better than vaping. I have a site called "" and a website called!

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  • Dimitri Milewicz

    I was off the smokes for about 8 months and ran out of e-liquid while busking in Melbourne's South Bank. A fellow busker offered me a cigarette which I reluctantly took and lit ... two puffs and my foot was planted heavily upon it on the ground! (Yes I did put it in the bin). It tasted like SHIT!!! :)

  • Leo Nicholson

    Wife and I smoked for 40 years. We stopped abruptly by switching to vaping 4 1/2 years ago due to badgering by our daughter. For me, smoking was always more a behavioral addiction. Being a programmer, "smoke breaks" were an opportunity to back away from a computer now and then and regain perspective. (Programming is at least as addictive as smoking :) ). I'm now retired and vape solely because I enjoy it.

  • teryn0069

    Oliver is a total moron. I have not heard such crap in a long time.

  • House of Medz

    Thanks Oliver for sharing your opinion about smoking over vaping. But personally, I do not think electronic cigarette is that bad. After all, it helps smokers to quit the bad habit.

  • Klaus Serpente

    Whoever wrote this article is clearly stupid. There is nothing more to be said.