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  • ‘Kid Friendly’ E-liquids Withdrawn From Sale

    ‘Kid Friendly’ E-liquids Withdrawn From Sale

    The makers and distributors of some popular e-liquids, including One Mad Hit Juice Box, V’Nilla Cookies & Milk and Unicorn Cakes, have withdrawn products from sale, following warnings from the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Last week, the FDA announced that 17 companies had agreed to take products off the market, because they were packaged or advertised as ‘child-friendly' food products like juice boxes and candies. “When companies market these products using imagery that misleads a child into thinking they’re things they’ve consumed before, like a juice box or candy, that can create an imminent risk of harm,”...
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  • Public Vaping To Be Banned In South Africa

    Public Vaping To Be Banned In South Africa

    VAPERS in South Africa will be banned from using e-cigarettes in public if the government’s proposed Tobacco Draft Bill is passed. The country’s Department of Health is waging war on cigarettes with a set of new laws - and vaping is going to be hit with the same legalities. The proposed bill sets out stricter laws on the recreational habit including more graphic packaging, banning smoking in public places and the removal of all signage on cigarette packaging. The CEO of the Vapor Product Association of South Africa (VPA), Zodwa Velleman, has confirmed electronic cigarettes are currently included for the...
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  • MPs Call For Drastic Overhaul To Relax Vaping Laws

    MPs Call For Drastic Overhaul To Relax Vaping Laws

    POLITICANS in the UK have called on its government to actively support vaping to reduce death and disease from smoking, saying it is far less harmful than cigarettes. MPs on the Commons Science and Technology Committee have published a report packed with facts, figures and recommendations to relax current vaping laws and make e-cigarettes more attractive to the British public. The committee noted that about 2.9 million people in the UK are using e-cigarettes, including 470,000 who are trying to stop smoking and vaping could be key in helping the National Health Service (NHS) address the issue. It also said...
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  • E-Cigarettes Are Toxic Chemical Free Says US Government

    E-Cigarettes Are Toxic Chemical Free Says US Government

    A STUDY by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has finally debunked claims vape contains toxic formaldehyde. False headlines and rumours have been circulating since 2015 when a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) concluded vaping emitted the dangerous chemical. The nation’s health protection agency has now concluded that e-cigarette vapour contains no more formaldehyde than the normal, everyday air found in the average American home. In fact, many residences probably have much higher levels from regular textiles found around the home, such as carpets and curtains. A number of renowned researchers including...
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  • Ex Smokers Prefer Fruity E-Liquids Says Doctor's FDA Survey

    Ex Smokers Prefer Fruity E-Liquids Says Doctor's FDA Survey

    VAPERS who no longer smoke cigarettes prefer fruit and dessert e-liquids over tobacco flavors, according to the findings of a major survey overseen by a leading doctor. The data from nearly 70,000 Americans who vape or have tried vaping, and took part in the US Flavors Survey initiated by Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos and a team of colleagues has now been submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration. The government department asked for feedback in response to its Advanced Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking on vape (and other “tobacco product”) flavors earlier this year and Dr Farsalinos, a research fellow and...
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  • Wismec Active: Box Mod and Portable Speaker in One

    Wismec Active: Box Mod and Portable Speaker in One

    Ever wanted a box mod and portable speaker in one? No, neither did we. But you might change your tune when you see Wismec’s latest creation. Wismec, the Chinese manufacturer behind the powerful and dependable Reuleaux range of mods, has teased the release of a new waterproof and shockproof box mod with a built-in portable speaker. The remixed Wismec Active takes vaping in a new direction. And as the name suggests, this mod is designed with adventurous users in mind. Although the Wismec website is adorned with a pictures of rock climbers with the Active clipped onto their harnesses, the...
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  • Juul To Launch Vape Device To Track Underage Users

    Juul To Launch Vape Device To Track Underage Users

    E-CIGARETTE manufacturer Juul Labs Inc is creating a new Bluetooth-linked vape which can detect if it’s being used by a minor. The inbuilt system, to be launched in some Western European countries and Israel, will be able to detect a users age in a bid to stop teenagers from vaping their popular brand. The Bluetooth tracker was originally designed to help former smokers watch their nicotine intake but CEO Kevin Burns has revealed it will now show how old its vaper is. The move comes as Juul’s sleek e-cigarette, which looks like a USB, has been at the centre of...
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  • The Best Pod Flavors We’ve Vaped This Year

    The Best Pod Flavors We’ve Vaped This Year

    A few years ago, everyone was talking about huge clouds and sub-ohm devices that could push hundreds of watts in a single fire. For many vapers, vaping is about big devices, multiple batteries and power - but that isn’t the goal for every vaper. In fact, there is a growing number of vapers who simply just want an easy and reliable vaping solution. They don’t care for huge clouds, they just want to satisfy their desire without having to put much effort in. For those who want a simple vaping device that delivers a fulfilling amount of nicotine with each...
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  • Charities Hit Back At Vape Tax Plan

    Charities Hit Back At Vape Tax Plan

    CANCER charities along with the UK vaping industry have hit back at a government plan to tax e-cigarettes. They say imposing a “sin tax” on vaping would be counterintuitive to its mission to cut the number of smokers and lessen the burden on the National Health Service. They also claim it would have huge repercussions for the public's health. A government insider last week was reported as saying e-cigarettes are to be taxed in this Fall’s budget in a bid to raise an extra £40million for the country’s ailing NHS. The punitive measure is set to hit the UK’s 2.9million...
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