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  • Crackdown on E-Liquid Packaging Which Mimics Food

    Crackdown on E-Liquid Packaging Which Mimics Food

    The FDA is cracking down on vape juice labels, which could be mistaken for food or candy. The government department sent 13 warning letters last week to manufacturers, distributors and retailers who are packaging or advertising their vape juice as kid-friendly food products. The e-juice labels under fire were found to be nearly identical to recognizable edible items found in retail stores including juice boxes, candy and cookies. The FDA's crackdown is just one of many measures which the vaping industry is currently seeing almost weekly. The action comes less than a week after the FDA announced it sent a...
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  • Cigarette packets to promote vaping?

    Cigarette packets to promote vaping?

    A PROPOSAL to use cigarette packets to promote vaping could be considered in the UK. Pharmacy minister Steve Brine said the “interesting idea” to help smokers switch to e-cigarettes as a cessation aid may be something his department would back. The proposal to use cigarette packets, which currently feature public health images, as a vehicle to promote e-cigarettes was put to the minister by MP Stephen Metcalfe at a parliamentary hearing. Brine was giving evidence along with representatives from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), Public Health England (PHE), the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and...
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  • Cost of Vapers' Life Insurance To Drop

    Cost of Vapers' Life Insurance To Drop

    LIFE insurance for vapers is finally set to drop after Public Health England's report revealed it is 95 per cent less harmful than smoking. Until now, e-cigarette users have had to pay double the premiums of a non-smoker after receiving the same life insurance rates as cigarette smokers. Now the UK Vaping Industry Association has collaborated with insurance broker Future Proof and Canada Insurance to finally offer vaper users life insurance that reflects their switch to a healthier lifestyle. It is now hoping others will start following suit. The move comes after it was revealed how most high street insurers...
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  • Court Overthrows Switzerland's Vape Ban

    Court Overthrows Switzerland's Vape Ban

    A BAN on e-cigarette products in Switzerland has been overturned, after a vape company challenged it in court. Swiss business InSmoke fought a tough government restriction, which prohibited the sale of e-cigarettes or e-liquid containing nicotine. The vaping company argued that the ban had resulted in a "gigantic" black market in e-cigarettes and associated products. It also reasoned that the sale of nicotine-containing vape juice was allowed in other EU countries, but not in Switzerland. After the Swiss Federal Administrative Court (FAC) sided with InSmoke, the ban was lifted immediately, meaning the country’s 60,000 vapers could start buying products direct...
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  • Hawaiian Vapers Called To Protest Over 70% Tax

    Hawaiian Vapers Called To Protest Over 70% Tax

    VAPERS in Hawaii are being urged to protest against a massive 70 per cent tax on e-liquids planned by legislators. An outright ban of internet sales is also close to being passed in a new bill set for the US state. Bill SB2654 aims to end online sales of tobacco sales, which not only includes cigarettes but vaping products too. If it is passed, it will be illegal to ship tobacco products to anyone who isn’t involved in the sale or distribution of tobacco - therefore banning any sale to a private individual. Under the bill, e-liquid is also included...
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  • Record Smoking Lows Kept Quiet, Claims Expert

    Record Smoking Lows Kept Quiet, Claims Expert

    The US government reportedly failed to promote the latest statistics which shows a "record low" in smoking rates - thanks in part to smokers switching to vaping The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the NHIS smoking data for 2017 but hasn't released a press release to report it. The survey indicates adult smoking record rates have dropped from 15.8 per cent in 2016 to 14.1 per cent in 2017. Anti-smoking activist, Bill Godshall, the executive director of SmokeFree Pennsylvania, posted the report on E-cigarette Forum, explaining although the statistics were on the CDC's website, they hadn't yet...
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  • University With Tobacco History Quits Cigs For Vaping!

    University With Tobacco History Quits Cigs For Vaping!

    ONE of America's top universities, named after James Duke who made his fortune from tobacco, is set to go smoke-free from 2020 - but will allow students to vape. Duke University will join over 2,000 educational institutions in outlawing smoking within two years - but unlike many American universities, the private research school will not ban e-cigarettes on campus. Instead students will be allowed to vape and use therapeutic nicotine aids on its North Carolina university grounds. The move has been cited as ironic since Duke’s history is bound together with tobacco and in particular, cigarettes, after it was named...
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  • VAPING Destroying Cigarette Industry, Traders Say

    VAPING Destroying Cigarette Industry, Traders Say

    A TV money expert has highlighted how vaping is destroying the cigarette industry after last week’s drastic drop in shares of key tobacco stocks. ‘Mad Money’ host Jim Cramer has spoken out about the huge shifts within the long-standing cigarette industry after it was “obliterated” on Wall Street. He went further by urging viewers not to invest in the tobacco market after investors realized it was facing an “existential threat” from its vape competition. Speaking on his CNBC show, Cramer - a former hedge fund manager - addressed the shock share price drop in Altria, the parent company of Marlboro-makers...
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  • Philip Morris’s “Worst Day” In A Decade

    Philip Morris’s “Worst Day” In A Decade

    TOBACCO giant Philip Morris has had its worst day in a decade after rapidly declining cigarette volumes and sales of its "heat-not-burn" Iqos product have “plateaued”. Shares in the company tumbled after cigarette shipments fell more than expected and sales for its cigarette and vaping alternative iQOS have started to stall in its key market, Japan. The fall was its biggest one-day slide since becoming a public company in March 2018 with shares ending down 16 per cent. Releasing the tobacco alternative was crucial to PMI's strategy of moving beyond cigarettes with IQOS now available in 30 markets. Its success...
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  • Mass recall of vape product

    Mass recall of vape product

    THE first ever recall of a mass-marketed vaping product has been actioned after a series of complaints. The RJ Reynolds Vapor Company has recalled all 2.6 million Vuse Vibe power units after 10 customers reported malfunctioning batteries in their units. The company warns the batteries – or “power units” – in the rechargeable section of the vape pen, may cause the device to overheat and create a fire risk. There have been no reported injuries caused by the defective devices. Industry insiders believe it is also a prudent move by RJ Reynolds to stay one step ahead of the Food...
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