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Vaping Guides

  • How to Deep Clean Your Atomizer Tank

    How to Deep Clean Your Atomizer Tank

    Vaping is really simple but there are things you need to do to keep your vape in good condition. One thing you have to make sure you do is clean your tank out regularly. A dirty atomizer can make your vape taste funny and affect the longevity of your device. You should give your atomizer a quick clean each time you change your e-liquid or replace your coil. Here’s a quick cleaning job you can do: Get rid of excess e-liquid by pouring it out or create a spinning centrifuge with a piece of string and a plastic bucket. Remove...
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  • Vapers Guide: Nicotine-Free Vaping

    Vapers Guide: Nicotine-Free Vaping

    Compared with stronger e-liquids, sales of nicotine-free e-liquid are low. But they are growing and some vapers use nothing but nicotine-free vape juice. There is also a trend towards lower nicotine e-liquids. This is driven partly by low nicotine regulation. The EU, for example, has limited manufacturers to 20mg of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid. But there are other factors too. More advanced devices help users absorb more nicotine from lower strength liquids. There also seems to be a trend for vapers to gradually reduce the nicotine content of their juice as they get more experienced. No-nicotine vape juice: Taste...
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  • Forget All The Myths: Here’s The Truth About Vaping

    Forget All The Myths: Here’s The Truth About Vaping

    There are so many different opinions floating around that it can often be difficult to grasp the truth about vaping. A new vaper, or someone considering making the switch to vaping and buying their first vape mod, can easily become confused after reading a few conflicting articles online. Like any new thing (vaping has only been popularized in the last decade), there are more assumptions out there than there are facts and people usually fall into one of two categories: those who believe that vaping should be banned, and those who believe that vaping is the most beneficial innovation for...
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  • How long do vape coils last and when do they need changing?

    How long do vape coils last and when do they need changing?

    Many new vapers aren’t aware of the role coils have within their device - and some will vape with the same one for weeks or even months, wondering why their e-liquid no longer tastes the way it’s meant to. If you’re unsure of what coils actually are, which one is right for you, and how often to change yours, then read on. What are vape coils and how do they function within a device? A vape coil is a device that makes mist out of e-liquid. It is essentially a heating coil made from a piece of resistance wire that...
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  • Six YouTube Vapers to Watch Today

    Six YouTube Vapers to Watch Today

    YouTube is a great place to learn about vaping and stay up to date with the latest e-cigarette news. It’s also a great place to watch reviews and keep up with the latest vaping products, but you should be aware that many product videos are sponsored by vape manufacturers. There are tons of interesting videos, but there’s a lot of timewasters too. This list should help you decide who is worth watching. GrimmGreen GrimmGreen describes himself as a regular guy who likes vaping a whole lot. He was one of the first vaping YouTubers and his videos set the bar...
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  • 9 Vaping Myths Debunked

    9 Vaping Myths Debunked

    Everyone seems to have opinions about vaping these days. One person could say vaping changed their life, while another could believe using an e-cigarette is just as bad as smoking. Then there are people who believe scaremongering stories about vaping - vape pens will explode in your pocket, e-liquid makes you fat, you’re filling your lungs with water every time you inhale….but how many of these statements are true? Here are 9 of the most popular vaping myths - debunked. “Vaping dessert e-liquid will make me fat” Some people may look at strawberry shortcake and cherry pie vape juice, then...
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  • 10 Mistakes New Vapers Make

    10 Mistakes New Vapers Make

    The world of vaping is an exciting one - but can sometimes feel a bit daunting, especially when it comes to how your shiny new device works. There are some basic rules to be aware of as you explore the plentiful options available to you - and following them will ensure you don’t get a nasty taste when you vape, take in too much nicotine or walk around with cotton mouth. Here are the top ten mistakes new vapers make, and how to avoid them. 1. Getting the wrong e-liquid Many new to vaping will decide to pick up whatever...
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  • Power Vapes – What is the Most Powerful Vape Mod?

    Power Vapes – What is the Most Powerful Vape Mod?

    For serious vapers, a single-cell 80 watt device may not do the trick. For those who want a serious vape session, it’s all about how much POWER the mod has. Now that sub-ohm vaping is all the rage, vape brands are creating mods that push the limits of power. Since some vapers prefer the unregulated power of a mechanical mod, personal vaporizer (PV) brands are now releasing new innovations with major wattage and incredible battery power. Luckily, if you want the most powerful vape mod, there are many of them on the market today. What are the highest quality and...
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  • Mechanical Mods Explained: What You Need To Know

    Mechanical Mods Explained: What You Need To Know

    If you’re a fan of clouds, cloud chasing or vape tricks, you’ve probably come across the term “mechanical mods” or “mech mods” several times. For someone unfamiliar with what mechanical vape mods are and how they work, mechanical vapes can seem extremely complex and difficult to understand. Those who watch vaping videos on YouTube are often curious about why the mods they see on the videos aren’t the same as the vape mods they see at their local vape shop. In this post, we’re going to explore the world of mechanical mods, and give you some insight into using one...
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  • Which Vaping Nicotine Level Is Best For You?

    Which Vaping Nicotine Level Is Best For You?

    For new vape users, vaping nicotine levels can be confusing. After finally deciding on a great vape juice that seems like it fits your flavor profile, now you have to decide what nicotine level you will vape at. Although smokers rarely ever know the nicotine levels in cigarettes, when it comes to vaping, nic levels are important. If you are wondering “what strength of vape juice should I use” or “how much nicotine should I vape”, then the following post is for you! We will explore the most available vape juice nicotine options to help you decide which level is...
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