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  • Why Are JUUL Pods so Expensive?

    Why Are JUUL Pods so Expensive?

    The JUUL website lists a pack of four pods at $15.99. Each pod contains 0.7ml of nicotine salt e-liquid, which means you are getting a total of 2.8ml of juice for 16 bucks. On, you can get a wide range of 30ml nicotine salt e-liquid bottles for less than $20. If we discount the cost of the pods, that means that JUUL e-liquid is more than eight times more expensive per millilitre than comparable e-liquid sold in a bottle. But this price difference isn't the end of the story. Eight times more expensive per millilitre JUULpods are proprietary, so...
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  • What Is and Isn’t in Your E-Liquid

    What Is and Isn’t in Your E-Liquid

    Vaping and vape juice is relatively new and not everyone knows exactly what they are putting in their tank. This knowledge gap has created an environment where misinformation spreads rapidly, with certain media publications claiming that e-liquid contains all sorts of nasty additives and chemicals. In reality, e-liquid is made up of four constituent parts with ingredients that are commonly found in products that you eat, drink and smoke regularly. When a regular cigarette burns, it releases as many as 5,000 chemicals into your body. Many of these are poisonous and some are known to cause cancer. While some of the...
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  • Best Sigelei Mods 2018

    Best Sigelei Mods 2018

    Sigelei is one of the most widely respected Chinese mod manufacturers, creating high quality devices at relatively low price points. The company makes a wide range of mechanical mod, box mod and pod mod devices, so they have something for every type of vaper. In this blog post, we preview some of their latest mods, comparing designs, specifications and usability concerns to help you choose your next mod from this great company. Sigelei Fuchai 213 Squonk Lots of in-the-know vapers will tell you that squonking is the future and the Fuchai 213 Squonk from Sigelei is one of the best...
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  • Festival Ready: What to Vape at Music Festivals

    Festival Ready: What to Vape at Music Festivals

    Bright lights, hot days and kick-ass music blaring for you and your good friends - what’s not to love about a music festival. You’re going to have a blast this summer, but make sure you pack properly and don’t run out of any vaping essentials while you’re away from home (and a power socket). Before you travel, stock up on coils, fully charged batteries and some awesome festival e-liquids so you won’t be left puffing dry or worse, smoking cigarettes. Can you vape at festivals We’ve done our research and it looks like most festivals will let you take vaporizers...
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  • Does Vape Juice Expire?

    Does Vape Juice Expire?

    Should you be worried about vape juice going bad? If you’ve been vaping for a long time, you might have a collection of out-of-favor e-liquids gathering dust on your shelf. Sure, you plan on vaping them eventually, but could you be against the clock to get them finished? It turns out that the expiration date on your vape juice might not be as important as you think. Vape juice expiration date Most e-liquids will have an expiration date printed somewhere on the bottle. Like food products, it will have a date printed along with a tag like ‘expired by’, ‘use...
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  • What to vape this wedding season

    What to vape this wedding season

    Wedding season is officially here. And it all kicks off with a gigantic celebration at Windsor Castle in England, as Prince Harry ties the knot with Hollywood star Meghan Markle. Royal wedding guests have been issued with a list of do’s and don’ts for the Saturday event. Mobile phones, cameras, medals and swords are all banned. But as far as we know, the guidance doesn't say anything about e-cigarettes. Is it ok to vape at weddings? It's fine to vape at weddings, but only under certain circumstances. For example, it’s probably not ok to hit a big vape during the...
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  • The best menthol vape juices

    The best menthol vape juices

    This week has brought unseasonably warm weather to parts of the United States, in our first hint that summer is just around the corner. What’s your favorite way to cool down when your thermostat starts creeping up towards triple figures? Cool lemonade? Paddling pool out on the front lawn? How about a frosty cold e-juice loaded in your vape? Really great menthol vape juice freezes your tastebuds on the inhale and give off a cool wave of freshness on the exhale. If you like big airy clouds, spine tingling chills and clean flavors then you are sure to find something...
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  • Everything You Need To Know About Steeping Vape Juice

    Everything You Need To Know About Steeping Vape Juice

    There are thousands of vape juice options on the market, but unfortunately, they aren’t all made equally. Juice companies that take pride in their juices are able to create smooth flavors that are consistent and maintain the flavors that the manufacturer intended. Sometimes though, vape juices are much harsher than expected and may even have a less than desirable alcohol flavored taste. While sometimes this may be due just a terrible flavor blend, other times it can be something more manufacturer based - it may be a result of a lack of steeping by the manufacturer. Luckily, if your manufacturer...
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  • The Coolest Vape Skins

    The Coolest Vape Skins

    Wrapping your vape up in a new skin is a great way of making your mod stand out from the crowd. If your device is starting to look a bit old or tired, a well-applied vape wrap can give your mod a new lease of life - covering up any scratches, dents and chipped paintwork. In this blog post, we've tracked down some of the coolest vape wraps on Instagram to give you some inspiration on how to customize your mod. IPV3 R2D2 There are dozens of Star Wars themed mods out there, but we think this vinyl skinned R2D2...
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  • Stealth Vape: How To Vape Like You Are Totally Invisible

    Stealth Vape: How To Vape Like You Are Totally Invisible

    Some vapers love blowing huge clouds, doing vape tricks and bringing as much attention to their vaping session as possible. Every now and then you’ll see them out and about with their vape mods, just subtly visible behind a dense vape fog with a small group of interested people surrounding them in curiosity. However, not every vaper begs for this type of attention. In fact, some vapers live in areas where vaping is much more restricted, looked down upon, or maybe even illegal. While some vapers command to be the center of attention, others have a much different objective. If...
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