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How to Clean a Vape Device: The Newbie Maintenance Guide

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Knowing How to Clean a Vape Device is Important. Your postman delivered your new vape device today, and you just opened the box. Your eyes are wide and excitement fills your entire body. Just look at it… it’s sleek, it’s shiny, it’s the most advanced vape device on the market and you’ve got that new car feeling. Two months later, …

All about Throat Hit!

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What is Throat Hit? You know it when you feel it! Throat hit is the sensation in the throat caused by nicotine as it’s inhaled. It ranges from a smooth satisfying catch as the vapor travels down the throat to an intolerable harshness. Smokers who’ve tried to inhale a cigar will know the sensation at its worst. Vapers seek a …

The Gateway Effect? Vaping Guides 0 Comments

Do E-Cigarettes Increase Or Decrease Smoking? This is a high-explosive argument. So let’s try to clear the smoke away to reveal some hard facts. Are children being hooked on to tobacco smoking through e-cigarettes? Are adults? And are e-cigarettes taking smokers away from much better ways of quitting?