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  • E-Cigarette Summit 5 - the return of the Summit

    E-Cigarette Summit 5 - the return of the Summit

    The fifth E-Cigarette Summit took place at London’s Royal Society last Friday. For those interested in the true state of global science and regulations on vaping products (and, increasingly, other alternative nicotine products), the Summit is the calendar-event of note. The following is my personal take on the overall themes, and I’ll start off with a TLDR listicle: Vaping typically produces well under 5% of the HPHCs of smoking, likely even under 1%….. With the important caveat that cloud-chasing type exposures have not been studied widely. Regardless, it’s always possible that there’s an as-yet-unidentified interaction between those small quantities of...
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  • UK Government embraces tobacco harm reduction (in all but name).

    UK Government embraces tobacco harm reduction (in all but name).

    The UK Government issued today its tobacco control plan entitled: “Towards a Smoke Free Future”. It’s a comprehensive review of anti-smoking policy objectives over the next five years and contains significant support for vapor innovation throughout. As Clive Bates has pointed out, this makes the UK Government the first in the world to adopt an official tobacco harm reduction agenda. The plan crystallizes the UK’s trajectory from almost prohibiting vapor products in 2010 to being the world’s most forward thinking and liberal on vape today. It goes further too underscoring that vaping in public places is not prohibited under smoke-free...
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  • Is vaping sticky enough? And how can we tell?

    Is vaping sticky enough? And how can we tell?

    An essay by Oliver Kershaw & Amelia Howard There is a disconnect between the tobacco research community and the vape community. Both groups have almost totally divergent knowledge-base of the technology; the former based on its existing tobacco research agenda, the latter based on practical experience with the technology and through peer-learning and marketing. We contend that vape is not an extension of the medical science paradigm or the tobacco control paradigm and, therefore, that the techniques used to (simultaneously) understand and tackle tobacco usage are wholly inappropriate in understanding vape. We are not saying that these established paradigms are...
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  • E-Cigarette Summit USA. Where was vape?

    E-Cigarette Summit USA. Where was vape?

    The inaugural US E-Cigarette Summit took place in Washington DC on Monday. Encouragingly, there does now finally appear to be a consensus amongst the tobacco control community: Smokers should be encouraged to use vaping products if they’ve been unable to quit using FDA approved stuff. To many in the vaping industry, this will appear to be missing the wood for the trees, but that’s just the nature of consensus. It’s a net positive, and could not have occurred even a year ago. But the vaping industry remains unrepresented in this discourse. Delegates at yesterday's Summit did not come away from...
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  • iQOS hands on: What's better, iQOS or Vape?

    iQOS hands on: What's better, iQOS or Vape?

    So, what’s iQOS really like? Just prior to Christmas I spent an interesting week with an iQOS. I acquired one shortly after the London launch and decided to give it a fair try. I packed away my usual assortment of vape and snus and went pure HEETS (the tobacco-vape-sticks) for the duration. In the intervening weeks, it’s become clear the full scale of PMI’s ambitions. Just days ago they launched a new website, confidently introducing a radically changed and humanized corporate image. This PMI is “Designing a smoke-free future”; preparing itself to be the company that spearheads the post-cigarette world. Whatever...
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  • Yes, Apple just banned vaping, but no, Apple is not making a vape!

    Yes, Apple just banned vaping, but no, Apple is not making a vape!

    As reported widely last week, Apple has told a British vaping website, Planet of the Vapes, that no more apps or app updates relating to vape will be allowed on the App Store. Apple is known for its opacity when it comes to its business decisions, so don’t expect any explanation or justification for this. Around the same time, news broke that Apple has patented a “vaporizer”. You can look at this patent elsewhere. This led many people to put two and two together and impugn a highly anti-competitive motive: Apple bans vape apps then moves in with its own...
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  • Mech mods exploding: history repeating, with no end in sight

    Mech mods exploding: history repeating, with no end in sight

    In February 2012 a Florida man, Tom Holloway, suffered extensive injuries after his vape device exploded, gaining the unfortunate distinction of being the first person to be injured by vape mod. By today’s standards, this device was primitive: it was a closed tube with a button on the side and a screw thread on the top to connect the atomizing unit. Variations on this same technology still in wide use, known as “mech mods” because they close the electrical circuit in a purely mechanical fashion. This injury didn’t come as a surprise to many in the then small but fast-growing vape...
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  • What will a Trump Administration mean for vaping?

    What will a Trump Administration mean for vaping?

    We don’t really know what Trump thinks about vaping, it wasn’t a major Presidential campaign issue. But we do know that he hates Government regulation: during the campaign he said that around 70% of Federal regulations could go under his Presidency. We also know that Tump allies in Congress like Duncan Hunter – the second Congressman to endorse Trump for President back in February – are big supporters of the vaping community. So we don’t know whether getting the deeming regulation off the books is on the Trump list of priorities. If it is, we don’t know how high up...
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  • iQOS and HeatSticks - the full picture

    iQOS and HeatSticks - the full picture

    [author title="About the Author"] [this article was edited post-publication to correct two points relating to Swedish Match's MRTP application and PMI's PMTA] The last couple of weeks has seen some significant buzz concerning iQOS, the new Heat-Not-Burn tobacco system from Phillip Morris. From what’s publicly available it appears PMI will sell iQOS in the US from early 2017. But what does it mean? Who is it for? What are the wider political and commercial ramifications? What relevance does it have in a market that’s already big on vaping? iQOS Overview If you’ve not heard of iQos and HeatSticks, let me get...
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  • 7 Reasons why smoking is better than vaping

    7 Reasons why smoking is better than vaping

    1. Smoking is everywhere Run out of your favorite smokes? Chances are a re-up is only 5 minutes away. Heck, even pharmacies sell cigarettes - you try picking up your favorite vape from Walgreens. I’m right, aren’t I? It’s an easy life being a smoker. Until it kills you. 2. Smoking is easy What’s to know? You put it in your mouth, set fire to it, take 12 puffs and you’re done. Vaping, not so much. let’s face it, there’s a learning curve to most vape that simply doesn’t exist with smoking. And do you know when to change a...
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