Ask congress to save vaping

Save vaping. Last chance. 

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Please contact your representative and senators today:  “Cole-Bishop” needs a push. If you’re new to vaping, or even a relatively experienced vaper you might be unaware of just how many times vape has nearly been prohibited over the last 10 years, both in the US and internationally. Vape survives today only because of the actions of thousands of people like …

Capitol Hill

Support Cole-Bishop! Take Action to Save Vapor!

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Faced with an unpredictable, unaffordable and ultimately unrealistic application process, more and more vapor shops across the country are facing the reality that they may soon have to close their doors. This will put thousands of Americans out of work and eliminate a healthier alternative to tobacco for adult consumers.  If the vapor industry is going to survive – if vapor …

Capitol Hill


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Advocacy organisations around the US are united in their support of common sense regulations for the vaping industry and stand together against the FDA’s deeming rule, which will ban 99% of all vapor products within two years. This includes the Cole Bishop amendment, supported by the Vapor Technology Association, which will move the date after which new products cannot be …

FDA Comments - your action needed by 8th August!

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On August 8th the deadline passes for comments on the FDA’s deeming regulations which will regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products. As the rule currently stands, the regulations will remove from the market, likely 99% of all vaping products, shutting down most businesses in the process. The vaping revolution will be cut dead before it’s really begun…