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Best of 2018

  • Best Starter Kits 2018

    Best Starter Kits 2018

    The final of the roundup of 2018 vape devices finds us on starter kits. Kits come with everything you need except the vape juice (and batteries if they aren't built in) to get started and even contain a few replacement parts to maintain your kit. At our experienced experts have put all the kits through their paces throughout the year so that we can tell you the best starter kits in each of the following categories: Best Starter Kit Under $20 Best Starter Kit Under $50 Best Starter Kit Over $50 Best Overal Starter Kit Best Starter Kit Under...
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  • Best Vape Pen 2018

    Best Vape Pen 2018

    Vape pens popularity boomed in 2018, ultra-portable pens are perfect for vaping beginners as they are so easy to use and so affordable you can have more than one. Here at we've been busy testing all the vape pens that were released in 2018 so that we could tell which the very best. We’ve only got two categories for this list: Best Vape Pen Under $25 Best Vape Pen Over $25 Best Vape Pen Under $25 = Vape Pen 22 If you’ve been reading through our best of guides you’ll have noticed that SMOKtech feature heavily. Not only is...
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  • Best Vape Tanks & Coils 2018

    Best Vape Tanks & Coils 2018

    Vape tank and coil technology made giant leaps forwards in 2018. Customers wanted long lasting coils and better flavor reproduction and the vaping manufacturer didn’t disappoint. There has been fierce debate about which tanks and coils should make the list, but we’re happy with our selection. If you feel we got this wrong don’t fail to let us know in the comments below. Here are the categories for the best vape tanks and coils in 2018: Best Classic Vape Tank 2018 Best Sub-Ohm Vape Tank 2018 Best Vape Coils 2018 Best Classic Vape Tank = Aspire Cleito Exo Aspire are...
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  • Best Mods of 2018

    Best Mods of 2018

    It’s hard to believe vaping is still fairly new, especially with the number of available mods growing year over year by leaps and bounds. With 2018 behind us and another massive wave of mods available, we tasked ourselves with the nearly impossible task of picking the best mods of 2018. After much testing and debate, here are our choices! Best Vape Mod Under $50 Best Vape Mod Over $50 Best Squonk Mod Best Mod Under $50: Voopoo Drag Mod The Voopoo Drag Mod takes vaping to a new, faster world. Using its GENE chip, the Drag Mod is capable of firing in...
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  • Best Vape Juices of 2018

    Best Vape Juices of 2018

    Vape juices are a dime a dozen now. Still, there occasionally comes a vape juice flavor so great you can’t put it down. With so many vape juices available it can be next to impossible to find the diamonds in the rough, though. Well, fear not fellow vapers. The crew at has done the heavy lifting and picked the best vape juices of 2018. Power up your favorite mod, this is going to be a doozy! Best Fruity Vape Juice Flavor - Watermelon & Strawberry Best Mint & menthol flavored vape juice - Naked 100 Brain Freeze Best...
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  • Best Pod Systems of 2018

    Best Pod Systems of 2018

    Pod systems are incredibly popular, and for good reason - they get the job done, they’re compact, and they’re generally really affordable. 2018 saw many new pod systems enter the scene, from the Suorin Drop to the SMOK Novo, but only two would fall into our best pod systems of 2018 category this year. Best Pod System Under $20 = Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod Device Kit Best Pod System Over $20 = Aspire Breeze 2 Best Pod System Under $20 = Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod Device Kit The Renova Zero by Vaporesso is an absolute stunner, in more ways than one...
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  • Best Box Mod Kits of 2018

    Best Box Mod Kits of 2018

    When it comes to vaping, box mod kits are true classics. Their form factors have changed throughout the years, but overall they’re still the same big, boxy mods the OG vapers have always loved. Pen and stick kits are clearly the cool kids of the class, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a couple of box mods that totally blew us away. There were a number of things to consider, such as consistent flavor across each hit, the price, build quality, and of course, a little style. We've got two categories for this one so that you can find...
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