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Advocacy organisations around the US are united in their support of common sense regulations for the vaping industry and stand together against the FDA's deeming rule, which will ban 99% of all vapor products within two years.

This includes the Cole Bishop amendment, supported by the Vapor Technology Association, which will move the date after which new products cannot be sold without a costly premarket authorization which most vapor product companies will not be able to afford.

For this to succeed, Congressmen and women need to know how important this is to you. That's why VTA would love for you to take part in the #wearevapor campaign.

Follow these three easy steps to make your voice heard

1. TAKE A PHOTO! Take a photo in front of your local vape shop(s), with your friends, or just yourself!

2. TAG YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS! Go to and enter your address in the Find Your Elected Officials box. Then, click and scroll down to find your Representative and your 2 Senators. Write down their Twitter and Facebook handles so you can tag them in separate posts.

3. POST YOUR PHOTO WITH A MESSAGE! Post your photo to Twitter and Facebook using #WeAreVapor and #SupportColeBishop with one of the simple messages below and tag your representative.

You can use one of the suggested messages below so our message is consistent. For Twitter, choose one of these suggested Tweets and make sure to use the #WeAreVapor and #SupportColeBishop hashtags!: .

@[REPRESENTATIVE] Vaping saved me. Now we need you to #SupportColeBishop and save vapor in our state! #WeAreVapor [INSERT PHOTO] Together #WeAreVapor!

@[REPRESENTATIVE], vaping saved me. #SupportColeBishop and preserve my choice to vape. [INSERT PHOTO] For Facebook, use this suggested post: We are consumers, employees, and supporters of small businesses in our state. Together, #WeAreVapor!

@[REPRESENTATIVE] Vaping saved me. Now we need you to #SupportColeBishop and save vapor in our state. [INSERT PHOTO] This is important – Use both these hashtags: #WeAreVapor #SupportColeBishop