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FDA Comments - your action needed by 8th August!

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Oliver Kershaw

Oliver Kershaw

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Submitting your comment to the FDA is easy, but you must follow the step-by-step process below.

On August 8th the deadline passes for comments on the FDA’s deeming regulations which will regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products.

As the rule currently stands, the regulations will remove from the market, likely 99% of all vaping products, shutting down most businesses in the process. The vaping revolution will be cut dead before it’s really begun. This is why it’s critical for vapers to submit to the FDA their own experience to add to the body of evidence that vaping is helping peoples’ health and wellbeing. This really is the last chance to get your voice heard.

The following is what the FDA needs to hear from you:

  • The importance of not imposing regulations that would eliminate the legal market for all e-cigarette products other than mass-production cigalikes from a handful of large companies.
  • The difference e-cigarettes have made in your life (for example, substantially reducing or eliminating your smoking habit).
  • Why flavors make e-cigarettes such a successful alternative to smoking.
  • The impact on you if the products you currently use become illegal.

Awesomely, as we head towards the finishing line, many vapers are submitting their comments, ensuring that the FDA has a written record of the experience of large numbers of ordinary vapers. Taken together, the FDA must count this as evidence as it prepares its final rule.

If you haven’t yet done so, please do spend a little time composing your own submission – remember, this is your final opportunity to add your voice to one of the most important regulatory decisions of our times.

This guide has been prepared using CASAA’s streamlined call to action, and will take you through step by step on how to get your comment filed.

Write your comment

You are submitting a comment as a consumer, and it’s very important to address this head on. Explain that as a consumer, you are the primary stakeholder, and that the regulations must be made to benefit you, but actually harm you in their current form.

You should write your comment in your own words, but the following list contains some areas you might think about discussing:

1. Your personal story of using e-cigarettes

  • How long / How much did you smoke?
  • Have you quit or significantly reduced your smoking due to e-cigarettes?
  • Have you used FDA-approved quit products? How did that go?
  • What are the benefits you’ve experienced since you started using e-cigarettes?
  • Have you noticed an improvement in your health?

2. If you use flavors, how has that helped you smoke less or stay smoke-free?

3. What you would do if the proposed restrictions were put in place and the products you use would disappear from the marketplace.

4. A closing paragraph

Word count

If your comment is more than 5000 characters you will have to submit your comment as an attached file. If it is less, you will be able to simply paste it into the submissions form (see below). MS Word will give you the character count using the word-count function. Otherwise, you can copy and paste your comment on this website to get the count.

If over 5000 characters, you must submit the file as an attachment. This is easy to do.  


Submitting is very easy. Go to this page on  and add your comment text to the main box.  If you are uploading an attached file, click “choose files”.

You’ll need to select “Individual consumer” from the “category” dropdown, and enter your names. It’s up to you whether you want to submit your contact information, but make sure the “I’m submitting on behalf of a third party” is unchecked.

Next, click on “continue” and you’ll be taken to a preview page. The last step is to click “submit comment” and you’re all done.

Finally, CASAA would very much appreciate it if you would copy the comment  number and email it to them at

Then, go have a nice long vape, basking in the knowledge that you’ve just contributed to the future of vaping.