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Best Mods of 2018

Best Mods of 2018

It’s hard to believe vaping is still fairly new, especially with the number of available mods growing year over year by leaps and bounds. With 2018 behind us and another massive wave of mods available, we tasked ourselves with the nearly impossible task of picking the best mods of 2018. After much testing and debate, here are our choices!

Best Mod Under $50: Voopoo Drag Mod

Voopoo Drag Green

The Voopoo Drag Mod takes vaping to a new, faster world. Using its GENE chip, the Drag Mod is capable of firing in 25 milliseconds. Things get even more interesting when you hit 130 watts, at which point it activates its Super mode, allowing you to inhale bigger clouds with no cough.

It’s not just the GENE chip that makes the Voopoo Drag Mod our pick, it’s so much more. The build quality of this mod is incredible, with a beautiful resin panel making a huge statement on the side. An accurate temperature control inside ensures your Nickel 200, Titanium, NiChrome and Stainless Steel 316 builds are all safe.

A minimalist screen keeps you informed of your battery, while three concave buttons give you the control you need for the perfect vaping experience.

All of these features come together to make the Voopoo Drag an easy pick for our best vape mod under $50.

Customer review highlight: “I bought this mod a few months ago and from the moment I held it I fell in love. I use a VGOD Elite RDA with this mod and it produces excellent clouds with abundant flavor. I recommend this box mod for more experienced people, yet it is fairly simple to operate. This box mod does have some very neat features from a “super mode” when you turn it to 130w with a coil that is below .29 resistance, to the ability to flip the screen over for the ability to personalize your mod.” - Cole B.

Best Mod Over $50: Asmodus Lustro 200W Box Mod

There are box mods, and then there’s the Asmodus Lustro 200W Box Mod. Straight out of a sci-fi film, the Lustro 200W Box Mod features an IR sensor that enables hands-free operation of the screen and mod. This lets you navigate the mod’s menus by simply waving your hand in front of the device, gesturing from screen to screen. For those of you craving an old school experience you can disable this feature.

A customizable LED strip down the side of the device lights up as you hit, giving you an idea of how long your hit is without monitoring the screen. An additional LED stays on for 10 seconds after each firing, letting you know if accidental contact is causing the device to fire again. This helps prevent burnt cotton and vented batteries.

Two 18650 Li-ion batteries equate to lengthy vaping sessions, ensuring the good times won’t end anytime soon.

The Asmodus Lustro 200W Box Mod goes above and beyond, offering a vaping experience that is new, exciting, and practical at the same time. Without a doubt, this is our pick for best mod over $50 for 2018.

Customer review highlight: “The motion sensor takes a little bit of getting used to, but is totally worth it. This is easily my favorite mod. The hits are smooth, the kit feels good in the hand, and I feel like I’m in a movie when I use gestures to control it! I LOVE it!” - Aaron G.

Best Squonk Mod of 2018: Vandy Vape Pulse X 90W Squonk Kit

Vandy Vape Pulse X Black

Many seasoned vapers looking for the next big thing have turned to squonking, a revolutionary way to literally turn drip vaping on its head. When it comes to squonk devices the options aren’t as plentiful as other types of vaping, but there are still some fantastic devices in this niche.

Enter the Vandy Vape Pulse X 90W Squonk Kit. Designed and created through a partnership with Tony B of The Vapor Trail channel, the Pulse X 90W Squonk Kit brings an unprecedented level of control to squonking.

Using the one-of-a-kind Vandy chip, the Pulse X allows you to control the temperature like never before when using the SS, Ti and Ni200 heating elements. There’s even a suite of DIY functions that let you tweak the experience to your exact tastes and needs. You can even swap the sides out for other colors thanks to their magnetic adhesion to the device.

Furthering the Pulse X’s customizability, you can use 20700, 21700 and 18650 battery sizes, letting you pick the level of juice you’ll need for the day. A 2ml BF RDA tank holds enough juice for a solid session with taking up too much room, making this device perfect for on-the-go sessions.

The Vandy Vape Pulse X 90W Squonk Kit makes squonking more accessible and customizable than ever before, which is why it’s our winner for best squonk kit of 2018.

Customer review highlight: “The flavors this thing produces are insane. I can’t get over how great my favorite juices taste when vaped with this device. Don’t let the squonk scare you away, it’s worth mastering!” - Jason T.


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